Tag: assemblage

Arrival in Baksi, Discovering Responsibility, Art and Vuslat’s Turkish Emanet

A review of Emanet by Vuslat at the Baksi museum, in Bayburt Turkey. ...

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Blowtorching Peaches Creating Chaos: Heather Phillipson

A review of Heather Phillipson’ ecologically themed installation at Tate Britain ...

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Things: Gail Olding

An excerpt from Trebuchet 9 : Materials. Conceptual Artist Gail Olding on the use of things. ...

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Ed Kienholz’ Early Work

Ed Kienholz, Leda and the Canadian Honker, mixed media assemblage, 1957 dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;E/dropcapd Kienholz is an assemblage artist, an installation  artist, and a...

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Madame Moustache

Mistress of Beautiful Intoxicating Street Art...

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