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Archaeologists Discover Trove of Silver Coins Hidden in Slovakian Renaissance Church

The significant historical find was made after construction workers discovered ruins underneath the 19th-century church they were renovating....

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Booming Beats, Choice Visuals: Cave (Rave) Paintings

Acoustic scientist sounds off about the location of cave paintings ...

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Oi, Hairy! New Findings on the Neanderthal-Homo Sapiens Transition

Study sheds light on Neanderthal-Homo sapiens transition ...

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Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers. The Question isn’t *When*, It’s WHY?

Why did hunter-gatherers first begin farming? ...

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Shell Beans, Not Schools: In Search of the WIld Fava Bean

Seeds from a site in Northern Israel are the ancestors of today's fava beans...

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Baby, I’m a One-Hominid Hominid. Early Humans Preferred Monogamy

Peer pressures and fear of sexually transmitted infections may have turned early humans into monogamists ...

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Waiting for a Callback. The Allure of Echoing Caverns

Distinct echoes would be totally unforgivable in today's performance spaces. But, in the past, people sought echoes....

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