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The Romance of Junk: Heartbreaker Walter Lure

Oral history on the 70s punk scene with Walter Lure of seminal punk band The Heartbreakers...

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Self-Medication or Self-Anesthesia: It’s No Wonder We Tune Out

Beneficiaries of the system promote their lies; the sane seek solace where they can get it...

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Woman of Substances (Jenny Valentish)

Addiction isn’t gender neutral, and neither is mental health....

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Take Two of These and Cold Turkey in the Morning: America’s Opiate Crisis

Researchers believe alternative pain management options should be integrated with inpatients, including acupuncture, tai chi and others...

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White-Collar Junk: The Rise of Prescribed Opiate Addiction

While most opiate addicts are still addicted to only painkillers, the number of addicts using heroin and the number of users who are addicted to both painkillers and heroin are increasing faster than...

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Internet Addiction Afflicts 6%

The prevalence of Internet addiction varies among regions around the world...

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