Tag: Abstract Expressionism

Technical Ecstasy: Aubrey Williams

Technical expressions of a meaning system meant to be understood in the abstract. Preview of Aubrey Williams: Future Conscious...

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Trebuchet Talks x October Gallery: Ecology

Trebuchet talks event: Ecological Envisioning: Aubrey Williams, Ecology and the Artistic lens....

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Gust(on) Winds of Wisdom

In this 120-page masterpiece, Philip Guston’s daughter, Musa Mayer, simply and effectively presents her father’s life and art as a kind of graphic novel triptych....

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Major Solo Exhibition for Basil Beattie RA

One of the most significant and singular abstract artists to emerge in post-war Britain, Beattie brought the grandeur and scale of the New York School to London....

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Seminal John Hoyland Works to Be Part of Tate Britain Spotlights

The foremost British Abstract Expressionist of the 20th century, Hoyland pushed boundaries with his bold use of colour and ever-evolving sense of what abstract painting could be. ...

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The Feminine in the Feminist: Women take their Life-Making skills into Contemporary Art

Camille and Nikita Kravtsov, UFO Revolution, 2018, (detail), drawing, print and embroidery dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;A/dropcapt art schools in the sixties and seventies, American...

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