Secret Video From North Korea Shows Society on Verge of Collapse

The BBC has aired a video filmed secretly in North Korea.

The video shows a gaunt and haunted 23 year old orphan, collecting grass for sale, when asked what she eats she blankly replies ‘nothing’, we cut then to a scene of a woman yelling at a policeman. An act of resistance which is a sharp rebuke to the facade that the North presents.

The exact of providence of the footage cannot be claimed for sure, however the footage is incredibly moving, and by extension damning. One might claim that given the recent conflagration in the area that the video might be South Korean propaganda, however since North Korean is extremely reticient to allow foreign journalists free movement throughout of the country, we’re probably right to assume that it’s true.

The recent release of the US Cables has some slightly positive news for us though as it suggests that China is becomes increasingly frustrated with the ‘spoiled child’ North Korea who refuse to take guidance from the local superpower.

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