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Information Links on Monsanto and how you can get involved to; Help Local Farmers, Stop Crop Pollution, Promote alternatives to GM crops

Mincer Small by Dan Booth

Willow - Hates - Monsanto

Willow Hates Monsanto

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]I[/dropcap]nformation Links on Monsanto and how you can get involved to:



  • Help Local Farmers
  • Stop Crop Pollution
  • Promote A Long Term strategy for GMO crops
  • Enforce an open, transparent and accountable forum for government and corporate interaction.

Information on Monsanto Suit against Farmers who use second generation seeds. 

The World According to Monsanto

“The (Monsanto) company’s history with some of the most toxic chemicals ever produced illustrates why they can’t be trusted. Ask the folks of Anniston, Alabama where Monsanto’s PCB factory secretly poisoned the neighborhood for decades.

PCBs are Monsanto’s toxic oils used as coolants and lubricants for over 50 years and are now virtually omnipresent in the blood and tissues of humans and wildlife around the globe. But Anniston residents have levels hundreds or thousands of times the average.

They all know their levels, which they carry as death sentences. David Baker, who lost his little brother and most of his friends to PCB-related diseases such as cancer, says Anniston kids used to run up to him, report their PCB level, and ask,

“How long you think I got?”” – Jeffrey Smith (ZCommunications) reviewing ‘The World According To Monsanto’ a film by Marie-Monique Robin.

Monsanto Links:


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Illustration by Dan Booth.




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