3D Printing Fiddly Microstructures

A picture of camera bits and pieces by Vadim Sherbakov

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Various microstructures fabricated by a solvent-cast 3-D printing technique

Research work by the team of professors Daniel Therriault and Marie-Claude Heuzey makes the cover of the prestigious journal Small.

Polymers and Composites

Various microstructures including straight filaments, layer-by-layer scaffolds and freeform helical spirals are fabricated by a solvent-cast three-dimensional printing technique, as reported by Professor Therriault and his co-researchers on page 4118. A picture of camera bits and pieces by Vadim Sherbakov

The fabrication capabilities of this powerful and flexible process are demonstrated by the printing of three microsystems featuring mechanical, microfluidic and electrical functionalities, such as a high-toughness microstructured fibre, a 3D microchannel and a Ka band antenna. These capabilities can be extended through the utilization of other thermoplastic-based inks and the printing of features at the submicrometer- and potentially nanoscale.

This is the first scientific publication by Shuang-Zhuang Guo, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering under the supervision of Professors Therriault of the Laboratory for Multiscale Mechanics (LM2) and Marie-Claude Heuzey of the Department of Chemical Engineering, both members of Polytechnique’s Montréal’s Centre for Applied Research on Polymers and Composites (CREPEC).

Source: Polytechnique Montréal
Photo: Vadim Sherbakov

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