Lost in New Jersey 10: Free Energy

Lost in New Jersey - Matthew Coleman


Lost in New Jersey - Matthew Coleman


Lost in New Jersey - Matthew Coleman


Fantasy is perpetual transformation which doubles back on itself to repeat, but differently. This movement describes not so much a circle as a spiral that perpetually advances into new territory whilst simultaneously tracing the same figure. This metaphor fits the practice of photographers driven by fantasy, forever chasing the image that will finally satisfy the fantasy, but which, inevitably, is never found or ‘captured’, but very nearly many times. The process is characterised by the discharge of free energy by the most direct and rapid model available; the drives pursue their adventures by whatever metaphoric or metonymic routes the purely formal characteristics of the signifiers allow them, routes which are potentially innumerable and limitless.

(Essay by Peter Venner 2011)

(Series edited by Peter Venner and Matthew Coleman, January 2011, to view whole series please search for matthew coleman)

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