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Loitered Lens : Toyah

Photos of Toyah at the O2, Islington.

Toyah by Nick Henderson

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]V[/dropcap]ociferous pixie, platinum-album seller, actress (roles including a sparkling triumphirate of Dr Who, Quadrophenia and Quatermass) and originator of the slew of late-80s girls named after her, Toyah is not to be dismissed.

Her coyly disingenuous remarks on fisting whilst appearing on Never Mind the Buzzcocks might lead one to surmise that her present stagewear is a visual protest against the UK’s new pornography laws – does her chunky jewellery symbolise now-illegal bondage? Does her leather minidress recall the preferred costume for what the government terms ‘maso-sadism’? Is her microphone-in-mouth singing stance an echo of the newly-proscribed ballgag?

We have no idea, but we have to admit, she does look spry (even if a little too much like yer mum in a wig).

toyah 476 toyah 579 toyah 600 toyah 649 toyah 669Toyah by Nick Henderson

Toyah at O2 Islington Sat 22nd November. Photos by Nick Henderson. Not to be reproduced without prior permission.


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