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Loitered Lens: Sumo Cyco

Sumo Cyco exhort the Camden Underworld crowd to a filthy frenzy. Photos

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]W[/dropcap]ith effortless seductive and irresistible flair Sumo Cyco‘s leadwoman Sever seizes the room by its sweaty locks and exhorts these gathered to PARTY.

Lit by incandescent candles her voice throws kerosene cocktails onto a mattress of teenage sexual fumblings, and we can only marvel at how well it glows and how filthy it sounds….

– Skinnycandy reviews Sumo Cyco at the Underworld, Camden.

Photos by Carl Byron Batson. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.



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