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Lloyd Yates : Bring Back The Life

‘Don’t be concerned about getting that Mumford feeling. There is real poetry on this disc’

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]I[/dropcap]f there were key acts missing from the 2013 Cambridge Folk Festival one of them must surely be Lloyd Yates.

However, Wychwood and Camp Bestival were better blessed with Lloyd’s attendance.

Originally from Jersey, Channel Isles, Lloyd is now strategically based in London and poised to smash things wide open with an EMI record deal which will surely catapult Lloyd Yates and band to the greatest of heights.

[quote]don’t be concerned

about getting that

Mumford feeling. There

is real poetry on

this disc[/quote]

Playing under the Folk Rock banner and being mentioned in the same breath as Jack Johnson must not dissuade you from listening or give you that nasty Mumford and Sons feeling, there’s so much more in the Lloyd Yates mix than that. The talent Yates displays simply kicks the arses of the likes of Johnson from here to oblivion.

Cat Stevens comparisons are also a plenty in the press and actually more justified. After listening to Yates’s new and quite outstanding EP Bring Back The Life (due for release later this month), Stevens’ back catalogue was promptly dusted off and played from ‘The First Cut Is The Deepest’ to ‘Very Young’.

Bring Back the Life is a virtually faultless and extremely thoughtful EP, not at all what you might expect from the tags it has been given. As stated, don’t be concerned about getting that Mumford Feeling (not to be confused with the warm and tingly Fimbling Feeling). It showcases a quirky and distinctive vocal style entwined with some exquisite guitar work and delicate percussion. It delivers heartfelt lyrics with passion, emotion and meaning. There is poetry on this disc that will certainly get your top-knot tingling.

You may be one of the lucky people who have seen Lloyd Yates play one of a number of packed out intimate gigs this year. If you’ve not had the opportunity to see Lloyd and the band, keep your eyes peeled for some forthcoming dates or alternatively you are strongly urged to get a glimpse at Bestival on Thursday 5th September.

Folk Rock? Maybe. Fucking good music? Definitely.

A picture of Lloyd Yates

Lloyd Yates – Bring Back The Life


Lloyd Yates – Vocals, Guitar, foot stomping.
Mehdi Padidar – Guitar
Paul Olivier – Percussion
Alex Moody – Drums
Jay Shaughnessy – Bass


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