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Lee Gascoyne and John Ledger exhibition at Heartbeat Gallery

Lee Gascoyne, John Ledger 18 April — 10 May 2012.

Much underrated and under appreciated artists Lee Gascoyne and John Ledger have been brought to together by the heartbeat gallery.

Not to be missed, while utilising a youf orientated style and vision the art is in itself reward… despite attracting it fair share of twee hipsters, stoned skaters, and advertising execs posing as collectors.

I pretty much spit on most of the people who attend these things… but the art is worth it.


  • Don't make eye contact.
  • Don't engage with the patrons.
  • Beware the advances of bespectacled hipster women.
  • Do not consider 'sampling' the art as graffiti…

Buy something.

Lee Gascoyne, John Ledger

Lee Gascoyne

Gascoyne’s artwork not only represents the artist’s journey towards the finished piece but also includes, and plays with, the recognition of the work’s observation by others. He is self-aware of having ideas and making things, and also aware of the space between this process and the observer (the context of which is also considered). Gascoyne states he does not expect the observer to ‘get it’ as he does not feel he is actually injecting precise information that can be read like a book given enough intelligence. This imagined space is what he finds to be the ultimate end/beginning of a piece of art; the point where he is no longer involved in the rigors of thinking and doing. ‘I have a chance to see the work again as an observer and to also learn from others in the process of repeatedly attempting to express the indefinable.’

Lee Gascoyne graduated in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Interdisciplinary Art & Design and was awarded the Chancellor’s Prize for outstanding achievement. Lee has been part of several group exhibitions and collaborative works that span painting, sculpture and installation. He is currently working on a private painting commission and has a major collaborative exhibition in the pipeline for 2013.

John Ledger

Drawing has been the vehicle for John Ledger’s ideas and concerns for the last 5 years as it is ‘the most accessible and direct way of expressing them.’ Nevertheless, he states, his doodles have had no choice but to become murals as he tries to match the size of his concerns. Ledger describes his works as aiming to depict the human predicament in the 21st century, precisely in landscapes to reveal the impacts of our collective movements with a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness to do anything else. ‘Feeling like i am mentally pushed into a corner, my creative expression is my only retaliation.’

John Ledger lives and works in The West Riding of Yorkshire and has exhibited at various venues across the Yorkshire area.


Lee Gascoyne, John Ledger
18 April — 10 May 2012
Open: Tues — Sat, 11am — 6pm
Public Opening: Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 6pm
The Orchard Centre
14-18 West Bar Green
Sheffield S1 2DA


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