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Free Dance Download from Mind Plug Records – The First Anniversary!

This has been an exciting first year with some really great releases.

Thanks to all who supported us!

We would like to celebrate this first anniversary with a special free
download for all our fans – The First Anniversary mix: we have woven
a track from  each release that came out this year into to  a dark,
meditative, ritual, noisy soundscape.

We take off with Mikan's delightful Spacefalls. Subterrestrial's
meditative High Sierra Breeze and Sunset Beach arise together at
around (3:53). They are joined by Seetyca's ethereal Swamp Temple Sun
(6.06), together melting their way throughout the  first part of
Mikan's mesmerizing The Way Back (6:52).

Siamgda's ethnic Tribal Gathering takes over at (12:56), briefly
visited by Siamgda feat. Morty's ritual Golden Prayer at (13:47),
just before Neti Neti's harder-edged Circumdance (17:52) climbs its way
through the Gathering up to the climax joined there by Siamgda's
pulsating Mind Rotation at (18:15).

Download this free release from  Soundcloud
( http://soundcloud.com/mindplugrecords/the-first-anniversary )or
Sendspace( http://www.sendspace.com/file/6r4tf7 ).


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