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Flower fluffers: Hampton Court Flower Show

Tumescent Blossoms and Dripping Petals. Photographer Rob Mann discovers the seedy side of the Hampton Court Flower Show.

Hampton Flower Show by Rob Mann

I am thoroughly enjoying Hampton Court Flower show, from gratuitous marketing stunts to meeting passionate people who love what they do. Enter Charlotte Murrell, winner of the Student Design & Build Award 2010 for Designers and Horticulturalists.Charlotte Royal Hampton Flower Show - Rob Mann

Charlotte won the chance to exhibit in this years flower show within the 'small garden' section and it’s an impressive installation entitled 'Wild in the City'. Her website (link to www.charlottemurrell.co.uk) gives you an idea of the vast amount of preparation for the event, and her design thoughtfully provides year round support for insects and small creatures, whilst the plants and shrubs are all suited to sustaining wildlife.Hampton Flower Show by Rob MannHampton Flower Show by Rob MannHampton Flower Show by Rob MannHampton Flower Show by Rob MannHampton Flower Show by Rob MannHampton Flower Show by Rob MannHampton Flower Show by Rob MannHampton Flower Show by Rob Mann

Hampton Flower Show by Rob MannHampton Flower Show by Rob MannCharlotte reported cheerfully that she hasn't had much change from 3 hours sleep a night for a fair few weeks.

As I write this the votes are in and the judges have awarded Charlotte's design a Silver Gilt medal… Not a bad effort for her first time.Hampton Flower Show by Rob MannThere is something for everyone at this enormous event… art, sculptures, garden designs inspired by poetry, insanely cool garden furniture, badly named gardening aids, and bargain shrubs with a halo of blue rinses bustling for the best specimens.Hampton Flower Show by Rob MannThe less cynical amongst us would scoff that the last five years saturation of gardening and garden makeovers TV programmes has reduced interest in all things green to a barren wasteland… but one thing still remains a hot topic, the environment, and Hampton Court is no exception.

Hampton Flower Show by Rob MannFrom Dr David Bellamy helping Copella's campaign regarding the decline of the English Apple, Alan Titchmarsh, Fiona Stephenson and the WWF highlighting our overuse of water, the RHS Edible Garden, to products and tips for making any space with sunlight capable of producing everyday food for the humble flat owner, while encouraging insects and offering the gardener just a little tiny weenie sense of achievement.Hampton Flower Show by Rob Mann

All Images the Copyright of Rob Mann 2011


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