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Feigned Swoons beat Locker Room Bravado Every Time (US Elections)

Ignore the neo-Victorian faux umbrage of the Clinton camp and instead contemplate the corporate bloodbath HRC will helm

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onald Trump, ambulatory, tangerine-tinged hairball that he is, has evoked the ire of the neoliberal/neocon klavern of establishment blood-suckers.

Don’t buy their feigned swoon over his creepy-ass, locker room braggadocio; the help need not be sent for the smelling salts. Sex scandals are only a means to an end in political power plays. Withal, the faux umbrage regarding Trump is the best — and only — strategy to allow Hillary Clinton, a politician detested by the voting public, whose sense of entitlement to power is only matched by her ineptitude when granted it, to hobble across the finish line.

Everyday, Democratic partisans should rise and drop to their knees and thank the gods for The Donald. Of course, they would not have required the intervention of Fate if they had not allowed the High Dollar-owned and controlled elites of the Democratic Party to rig their primary system for an odious, status quo-preserving candidate such as Hillary Rodham Clinton. Moreover, they will have to weather the blowback after their incompetent and war-besotted candidate takes the oath of office.An illustration by Dan Booth

Madame Clinton’s “experience” augers what is to come. Oligarchy unbound; neocon militarist aggression unloosed. Democrats, you will long for the kale salad days of the summer and autumn of 2016 when you laughed in derision at the foibles of a certain fake tan-lacquered, Reality Television jerk-nugget and luxuriated in your feelings of superiority to the inarticulate rage of his strip mall-waddling, xenophobic followers.

One question: Will you, if HRC’s record proves to be the prologue, step-up and admit your complicity in the Hillary-wrought disasters to come? There is no mistaking the fact, under a Clinton regime, there will be blood. As evidence, gaze in the direction of the blood-sodden disaster she created in Libya – an attack she pressured Obama into launching, and an action President Kill List has conceded was the biggest error of his presidency.

Thus the dire need for an anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist Party. From the death-urge of ever-expanding markets to the death knell of global Climate Change, the capitalist god and the two political parties that worship and serve the abomination have failed. Fact is, for humankind, it is paradigm shift or perish. It is really that simple.

All in all, both presidential candidates belched forth from the duopolist beast are the embodiments and vessels of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The hypertrophic system could only come to this. No election or reform can save capitalism from itself. The decaying system — as is the case with the Democratic Party as well — is irredeemable.

As Voltaire averred about the miseries inflicted by the dogma of The Church and its hold on the mind of the populace, the solution will be found in “Ecrassez l’infame!” i.e., “crush the infamous thing?” First step, Trump destroys the Republican Party, and he is doing a bang up job of it (as proof, its elites are boarding Death Train Clinton) whilst HRC destroys the Democratic Party, thus allowing an anti-capitalist movement and concomitant political party to be seeded from its compost.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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