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Eye Hear, Heart See 1: Float On

Our Bartlett Our Bartlett Our Bartlett

The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense
Take what you have gathered from coincidence
The empty-handed painter from your streets
Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets
This sky, too, is folding under you
And it’s all over now, Baby Blue

– Them 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue'

Hold on, hold on with a grip so tight
It dams my blood, makes my head feel light
Well, hearts will start and hearts will stop
And the blood will flow until we drop

-Smog 'Blood Flow'

Tell me how she was dressed that day, my melody
Don’t show me how she touched her face, my melody
She said,
“I would never do it again. Give me another chance.”
I said, “Why didn’t you come to me?
I said,"Why didn’t you talk to me?"
– Blonde Redhead 'Melody'

Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands
Good news will work its way to all them plans
We both got fired on the exactly the same day
Well we'll float on good news is on the way

– Modest Mouse 'Float On'  

Rest your head
You worry too much
It's going to be alright
When times get rough
You can fall back on us
Don't give up
Please don't give up

– Peter Gabriel 'Don't Give Up'


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