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Self Images – Al Swainger

A striking collection of 20 complex digital self-portraits

Al Swainger Image
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Jan 18 - Feb 22

Martin Delaney Photography

“This collection of images reflects an idea of how I see myself. Usually selfies are taken to present an idea of how we want the world to view us externally – ‘Living Our Best Lives’ – But for me the value in representing myself visually is to frame an aspect of my experience or personality. A way of presenting how I see myself internally.

My natural introversion is also an unavoidable factor in the way I create. I find that I routinely hide my face or eyes by obscuring them with the camera or by distorting or disguising elements through editing and layering. This gives me a narrative window into how I’m feeling in a way that I otherwise wouldn’t capture.”

Al Swainger is a musician, composer, producer and digital artist that has been creating work under the name Pointless Beauty since the release of his first album ‘A Lonely Vigil’ in 2014. This is his first public gallery exhibition.

Now online at the Delaney/Lucia gallery

The newest show in this 3D gallery, is a striking collection of 20 complex digital self-portraits that look inwards rather than outwards.

Flyer for online photography exhibition by Al Swainger

Online exhibition by Al Swainger



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