Friends of Holland Park Annual

The Friends of Holland Park Annual Art Exhibition 2022

Annie Leach, Apricot-Dahlia, 2021
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Apr 2 - Apr 10
10:30 - 18:00

The Orangery

Featuring the sublime floral work of Annie Leach this show may not describe the grimier regions of contemporary art but there within the herbaceous roots of these works one can still find the grit of substance. We are used to seeing paintings of flowers conveying sexual or romantic themes however Leach’s work suggests historical themes and her larger canvasses remind us that many of the flowers and plants we are (too) familiar with often have an exotic history – where biology was interwoven with colonialism and ‘exploration’. For instance in her painting of red poppies the rendering subtly conjures Byzantium

Her works are not photographic reproductions but rather close stylistic interpretations of the plants she experiences through careful study. As she states ‘When I do a painting from my reference material I never copy exactly, I always make adjustments to create my own composition… and looking for the  patterns created within  my subject’, hardly revolutionary in its own right however when seen in context of the work one wonders whether these resulting patterns are cultural as well as geometric.


The Friends of Holland Park Annual Art Exhibition 2022
Feature Artist: Annie Leach

The traditional exhibition by Friends who are artists and artists who become Friends returns to Holland Park this April after a two-year absence.

Feature Artist is Annie Leach was initially selected for the 2020 exhibition which, like so many other events, had to be cancelled. Her paintings capture the beauty of the natural world and represent an apt tribute to our local parks and outdoor spaces.

Annie Leach, Apricot-Dahlia, 2021

Annie Leach, Apricot-Dahlia, 2021

The Holland Park Orangery provides the perfect setting for a salon style exhibition of works created by more than 60 artists over these last couple of years, including paintings, drawings and photographs as well as ceramics and sculpture.

All works are for sale and provide direct support for artists as well as contribute towards the protection of flora and fauna of Holland Park.

Saturday 2 April – Sunday 10 April 2022

The Orangery, Holland Park, Kensington, London W8 6LU


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