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Southbank Centre

Witness the world premiere of the latest large-scale work from the contemporary electronic musician and his artificial intelligence project, Young Paint.

In this new composition for voice, AI and electronics, Darren J Cunningham, aka Actress, reimagines Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Welt-Parlament (1995). In the original, part of Stockhausen’s epic opera cycle Licht (Light), members of a fictional parliament in the sky discuss the meaning of, and pass legislation on, love.

This time, real politicians are in the cloud: the one-off live performance features recordings of two specially arranged debates on the subject of love involving members of the UK Parliament, held in venues at the House of Lords as Brexit negotiations were underway in November 2018.

Joined on stage by the trailblazing Robert Ames, co-principal conductor of London Contemporary Orchestra, the Netherlands Chamber Choir and celebrated Italian pianist Vanessa Benelli Mosell, Actress and his AI ‘sprite’ manipulate these pre-recordings live over a performance arranged by Ames, in a multidisciplinary conversation about the transcendent nature of love in a country striving to assert boundaries.

Stockhausen is one of the most visionary and controversial 20th century composers and widely regarded as the forefather of modern electronica.

Music by Darren J Cunningham, in collaboration with Robert Ames, co-principal conductor of the London Contemporary Orchestra, and Young Paint (AI). Co-commissioned by Southbank Centre and Holland Festival.

Event link: Southbank

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