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Only Lenten Honesty Can Trump a Carnival of Lies

Jokers are wild for Mardi Gras, but only a lent of honesty can counter a carnival of lies

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]O[/dropcap]f course, Donald Trump is a serial liar.

And a self-deluded, dangerous fool. It goes without saying. Yet if you believe that the Democratic Party is a credible, countervailing force to the Trumpian shit-storm of denial and mendacity, you yourself are a victim of a lie of the mind.

The denial and mendacity of the Democratic Party, its partisans, apologists, and lesser-of-two-evil swoon squads created the Trump phenomenon. It is imperative, Democrats, that you clean up your side of the street — and no, Putin did not litter and vandalise your Boulevard of Betrayal — before you can even gain a shred of credibility on the subject, much less present a viable alternative.An Illustration by Dan Booth

If there was such a thing as Compulsive Liars Anonymous, you’d be tasked with making coffee, owning your mistakes, walking in humility (beats being constantly humiliated e.g.: you were actually beaten in an election that should have been a cakewalk by a syntax-challenged, fake tan lacquered, arrested-in-adolescence, reality television popinjay), reeling in your projections, and addressing the fact that your proclivity for believing your own bullshit is the source of your misery.

What is masquerading as a resistance movement, at present, is, in reality, the dismal phenomenon of anti-Trump liberals and sore loser Democrats scampering aboard the Deep State/national security state/imperialist juggernaut — and they are being appropriated as wilfully blind tools and useful idiots in an elitist coup d’etat, very much of the kind, if successful, that the US Deep State and EU oligarchs perpetrated in Ukraine. Clue to the fact: True uprisings do not arrive with the restive masses wearing colour synchronised t-shirts and, certainly not, cutesy pie, pink cap-gear, nor treated as precious cargo by the police nor are their protests praised and fêted by establishment mouthpieces e.g., The Washington Post and New York Times.

Finally, remember, every Fat Tuesday Carnival — in particular, Carnivals Of Self-Serving Lies — must stagger towards then resolve into an Ash Wednesday Of Honesty And Reckoning.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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