Author: Faisal Arr

Heat with our garlic. Salt to taste.

Of the flesh and its many variations (Oliver Jones)

Photorealistic works underscoring the impact that today’s ceaseless stream of beauty-obsessed media can impart...

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A Painter of the Mind (Agnes Martin)

Her artwork can sometimes say as little as it can possibly say whilst still existing. But what an enormous statement that is....

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Free-fall bliss of the iris [Richard Diebernkorn]

Diebenkorn himself has said that he was unaware of his surroundings as an artist...

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Every myth is a memory, formed through complex layers of tellings through time.

OE: Orpheus and Euridice: For the next half an hour music and poetry weaved in and out of each other in a richly discursive mesh of words and sounds, sometimes obscuring and at other times refining...

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