Author: Kyle McSweeny

Bong [Album Reissue]

Bong's self-titled debut album was always a pain to get hold of. Which is why they're re-releasing the doom metal classic on Ritual Productions...

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As I Lay Dying: Awakened

Awakened lacks the complexity of an August Burns Red record, but also manages to avoid the overly commercial pitfalls of later-era Killswitch Engage material. What it does offer is a balanced...

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Satan’s Wrath: Galloping Blasphemy

it's fun, it's heavy, and the over the top Satanic lyrics are often hilarious. By no means should Satan's Wrath hang up their goat-skull helmets and battleaxes any time soon. It'd just be nice if...

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HEVY Festival

When your guitar feedback section is so long that your guitarist has time to have a crafty check of his iPhone, maybe it's time to just get on with the song already. HEVY Festival is HUGE. This...

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Listener: Mini Interview

we’re open to pretty much everything. We’re comfortable here – necessity makes heavy music and a lot of hardcore is about being honest and genuine to yourself...

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