Author: Justin Freeman

I write short stories and poetry alongside studying religion and anthropology at the University of Manchester. My story "Girl’s World" was in the highly recommended list for the Manchester Fiction prize 2019.

Intersectional Accessible Forever Alive: Keith Haring

An able overview of Keith Haring: Lives of Artists by Simon Doonan. ...

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Clothing the New World Church

Maya Stanfield-Mazzi’s book provides the first broad survey of church textiles of Spanish America, demonstrating that, while overlooked, textiles were a vital part of visual culture in the Catholic...

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The Socialism of the Lonely

Jonathan Jones’ biography shows that Tracey Emin remains one of the most important, engaging and unique voices in today’s contemporary art world. ...

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Imagining Orwell in Three Continents

Julio Etchart's photographic journal presents a short cautionary tale that questions the foreshadowing of one man's visionary works and the cyclical quality of time. ...

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Savage Beauty: Frida Kahlo

A new biographical account takes the artist out of the gift shop and re-establishes her in the gallery, reminding the reader that Kahlo was a force of nature....

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Yayoi Kusama: The Graphic Novel

A sumptuous exploration of the artist's life, from humble roots in post-Hiroshima Japan, through 1960s pop art, to her status now as queen of Japan’s modern art scene...

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Receive & ReAct

David Hoyle, pioneer of the avant-garde, questions the reliability and authenticity of our leaders in a surreal moment of modern history....

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Black Sabbath: Walpurgis 1970

Sabbath don’t care if it’s your soul He’s crying out for; just ‘give up the life before you met’ and yours is the moon, sun and stars. ...

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