Author: Josh Adams

Josh Adams is a freelance features writer and journalist who writes on politics, music and culture, with a particular interest in on issues and topics where these things intersect. He is currently writing a book on the disease Myasthenia Gravis (with which he was suddenly diagnosed at 20 years old) called When Things Don’t Work. Some of Josh’s previous work is avaliable at and you can email him at josh [at] joshadams [dot] info.

Is There Just Too Much of Everything?

Our digital world of abundance and choice might be shortening our attention spans...

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Sounds Unfair: The Plight of Britain’s Independent Music Venues

A quiet disaster has been happening in our town and city centres, only now are we doing something about it...

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The Other Dave: The Tory Leader We Could Have Had

The man Cameron beat to the Tory leadership proves how different things could’ve been...

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