Author: Emma Smith

Veronica Falls : Waiting For Something to Happen

Pulling the pace back from their 60s infused debut, the focus here is much more on the idiosyncrasies of British guitar music and they actually pull it off quite wonderfully....

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Patrick Wolf: The Sage, Gateshead [Live]

There is an awe-filled silence throughout, punctuated by increasingly tearful sniffles and admirably contained sobs. ...

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Dexys [Live]

Taking to the stage under a cloak of near darkness, a simple piano plays the first bars of ‘Now’ before Rowland’s unmistakable voice cuts through like a razor, steeped in memories of anguish,...

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Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze [EP]

'one of the most brutally honest emotional floods in music', Dum Dum girls channel heartbreak into deftly crafted indie pop....

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Friends: Manifest

Friends are a 5 piece Brooklyn band, not yet two years old, who you might have noticed gathered a lot of buzz back at the end of 2011. Their name suggests a kind of exclusivity- An ambiguous Google...

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