Author: Daniel Barnes

I have worked as a lecturer, teacher, bookshop manager, gallery invigilator, curator and freelance writer, for the most part simultaneously, which exemplifies a lifelong passion for art, culture and ideas. I was born on the Isle of Wight in the very year that both Jean Baudrillard’s ​​​Simulacra and Simulation and Arthur Danto’s The Transfiguration of the Commonplace were published.

Gavin Turk’s Reimagining of Richter

Painting the Glitch in the Matrix: Gavin Turk at Ben Brown Fine Arts. ...

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Walking into Modernity

Specially commissioned works and historical pieces come together at Saudi Arabia's Ithra Museum. ...

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Celebrity as Material

Celebrity as Art Material: Once art ceases to be mimetic, portraiture as representation becomes destabilized, enabling it to investigate concepts such as celebrity as well as appearance. ...

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