Author: Amber Lunt

As a multi-disciplinary artist, my work creates a dichotomy between the consumable quality of the manufactured and the delicate nature of the hand-built as a radical pursuit. Fusing this with my contemplative nature, my work delves into the comfort of the polarity within various discourses. Responding to my personal artistic explorations and the ever-evolving narratives within the art realm, my writing delves into theways that art interweaves socio-political commentary, ecology and philosophy with fictitious speculation.

Septuplet: How Art Can Nurture Radical Urban Immersion

Embedded within our individual experience of life is the notion of consumption and presence, by which the parameters of human experience can be constructed (as much as it could be disrupted)....

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Ghost Like Traces: Between the Ephemeral & the Permanent

A playful web of philosophy, cultural semiotics, and gentle manifestations of joy....

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