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Lux Interior : In Memoriam

Lux Interior

If you’ve not heard of The Cramps, go look ’em up.

I’m not gonna go into any great detail about them here or list a discography or anything like that, although maybe I will change my mind, we’ll see. I merely wanted to stick in a few lines about Lux. Anything else, go ask the bartender.

Lux Interior, the lead singer of the Cramps, died on the morning of Wednesday 4th February 2009 due to a heart condition, he was 62. It was a very sad day for many people around the world and particularly for me as I

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30 Comments on Lux Interior : In Memoriam

  1. // 04/02/2013 at 14:21 // Reply

    Beautifully and truthfully written. Lux was a very kind, refined and rather quiet person by day. Then the lights would come up and the wine would go down. For a short time the Human Fly would appear. Quite fascinating and a privilege to be a part of. And a bit taken for granted by me, a 24 yr. old just passing through for kicks. The experience was a love/hate relationship that I still dream about and treasure to this day. I get about one visit per year. The last dream had to do with gearing up to go onstage, current day, I was not sure that I had something appropriate to wear. Not much if anything was said, but the feeling was peaceful and one filled with friendship, which is all that I could hope for, had I ever gotten the opportunity to see Lux again, 22 years later.

  2. A huge influence on my life and my rock n roll career…gone but never forgotten..we make sure we keep his bones rockin through our show!!!

    R.I.P ..LUX

  3. Kid Congo Powers // 04/02/2013 at 16:08 // Reply

    Although I prefer to remember Lux on the day of his entrance into this world I cannot help but say that it is still shocking and sad that he has left this world even years later. However I am still having the pleasure of enjoying Lux’s music and influence on me in so many different ways. Like Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Lux shines bright in my smiling heart . Lux was was the best the beast the boss the blast . He still is in this world and certainly in that world.

  4. Congrats, Mr. Bad! Very nice write-up about my sadly departed teenage idol.
    Art and Shamanism sounds right up my alley, hahaha!
    Lux, you sure left some big boots to fill! May your soul rest in peace wherever you are, big man.

  5. LUX Interior – mentor, icon, and muse. Without Lux & Ivy, RL Burnside, and Xavier Cugat, there would be no Panther Burns as we know it today. I had a dream night before last – a long, lingering, detailed dream – of Alex and I getting ready for a show up in a hollow somewhere in Arkansas. Alex had made a short movie in black & white, and he showed it to me. LUX was in the film with his jet black hair pointed on end toward the cloudy heavens. In the midst of his stormy eyes, he exuded the precious milk of human friendship. LUX was a man who lived and breathed the music of the Cramps with its Artaudian strains and its embodiment of a southern Gothic cinema of the mind. He quaffed deep droughts from an elixir of devils that he passed around to those initiated into Euterpean mysteries. His music was derived from the moan and maniacal sway of wreck-a-billy pioneers, as he in turn became the postmodern neo-Promethean who lit the way for us across swirling rivers, foggy meadows, and the burned out pavements of Gotham. Lux leads us still in our eternal moon dance and heavens’s howl from our hearts, our guts, and our balls. – TF 2013
    Foto: Hand of Lux 1980 Memphis by TF.

  6. Pete Simonelli // 04/02/2013 at 23:44 // Reply

    I still walk around and listen to “Garbageman” like it’s the first time, thinking, Jesus Christ! Play it again!

    Such a great, great song in every way.

    Lux will always be a hero to me. He is a singular, sheer voice and he is sheer rocknroll.

    Thanks for the great post, Mr. Bad. Well done!

    • I feel exactly the same way about that song, you summed it up beautifully. 🙂

      I saw them in the basement of the old Cleveland Agora, it was one of the most amazing, anarchic shows I have ever seen. Godspeed Lux, you are missed.

      • I was at that show too! It was the Pop Shop. The space was called that. It was like seeing Elvis in 1954 or something, if you know what I mean…..

  7. The sound track of my youth, and a true showman on stage! I never met Lux much to my eternal regret but the Brixton gig will will live on in my mind for ever!If I look hard iv’e probably still got the photos of the coffin ‘incedent’ somewhere. (on a mk4 Cortina if memory serves):) Hope he’s having one more ‘new kind of kick’ RIP lux!

  8. Col. Jon Burrows Jr // 07/02/2013 at 11:30 // Reply

    The question here is, what record is Lux holding in that Tav Falco picture?

  9. Great piece on a lost icon. To say Lux & The Cramps changed my life and musical appreciation is an understatement. Luckily, I got to see The Cramps several times. Plus, when I lived in Ohio, I got to meet & know Mike, Lux’s brother…as Mike was in a band called The Walking Clampetts which I saw numerous times. One Christmas season, while attending a Clampetts show in a small dive..Lux & Ivy showed up and stood right next to me!!

    Any word on how or what Poison Ivy’s doing??

    Thanks for remembering Lux…

    curator of:

    • Col. Jon Burrows Jr // 20/02/2013 at 13:43 // Reply

      Don’t forget ‘The Action’. As far as I am aware Ivy is doing fine. I know Mike has seen this article so maybe he would like to put a comment on here for the Lux fans. Mike ?

  10. Feyd Saif'ulisaan // 18/02/2013 at 08:20 // Reply

    I left this same comment on the memorial pages. It was more than a decade ago in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and I was staying in this apartment block. Upstairs lived this gorgeous girl with china-blue eyes and long blonde hair to her ass. She was engaged to some other bloke, but I invited her to my apartment… and put on “Goo-Goo Muck”. She’d never heard The Cramps before and it siezed her by the innards and twisted. She started to bump and grind, then before either of us knew it, she was stark nekkid, and jumped into my lap. To me, that explains the power and mystery of The Cramps!

  11. spark retard // 15/03/2013 at 20:25 // Reply

    loved the cramps were the wildest. made me get a band together there wouldnt be no demented are go with out the cramps rip

  12. rc Johnston // 11/05/2013 at 06:55 // Reply

    Hiowdy!!! The Cramps and Lux will always rule!!!

    Cheers! Blind Brand X…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. lux is a god and though tears will be shed in his memory i’m sure they’ll be tears of joy, joy that he brought us all with his crazy antics and good natured personality although i didn’t discover the cramps till shortley after his passing they are one of my favorite bands have tought me one great life lesson: its okay to be wacky, you still get hot girls

  14. Loved this piece, I grew up in north London and read about Ivy when I was 12 in a book on women in rock, and, Lordy was it eye-opening! True originals The Cramps. RIP Lux xx

  15. Queens Hall Leeds 1981 was the only time I ever saw the Cramps – Psychedelic Jungle had just come out, the music was amazing so cool, Lux was the ultimate front man, Ivy and Kid Congo with the twang and fuzz guitars with that thwacking snare drum – I was 16 and it truly changed my life

  16. Karry Briare // 01/07/2013 at 16:22 // Reply

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    See you real soon <

  17. The Illustrious Jeffrey D. // 02/07/2013 at 04:56 // Reply

    The first experience with The Cramps was at Urgh at the Olympic Auditorium in Cali. All the bands were great, but The Cramps just wrecked my psyche that night, the freedom of expression that was related through their onstage presence was extraordinary, I instantly transcended into something more than I was at the time, something bigger, braver, something within my soul was free, from that point on the freedom of self expression had no constraints, no flutters or hints of awkward restraint possessed me ever again. I think my third eye popped open that night. I’ve seen them so many times since then and always came away enlightened in a different way from each show. I remember one particularly savage show at Ichabods in Fullerton Ca. with Shattered Faith opening the show, Lux was giving it everything he had that night as usual, during Surfin’ Bird he had a look on his face like he was gonna pass out, he slumped over a bit and rested his head on my shoulder with the mic in his mouth, it was just for a moment, then he came alive again as if possessed by other worldly forces, I swear the energy that was coming off of him was intense! The news of Lux passing on Feb.4 for me was devastating, I felt a loss akin to a family member, I wept for his parting, but then loss became a joyous celebration of the life and influence he had on me, he is forever engrained in my heart, soul and mind, never to be forgotten. R.I.P Lux and much LOVE to Ivey Thank you for so many years of dedicating your heart and souls to pleasing your fans. You are truly Rock Icons. CRAMPED 4 EVER

  18. 1987. I was 15, living in rural England, spending life at a boarding school run my monks. But I loved The Cramps. And I got to see them live at Reading Festival in 1990. I always figured I had good taste.


  19. What a great posting. We all saw the superhuman side of Lux, and this balances it out nicely. Those two were quite an inspirational team. What they have to say about their lives and each other is illuminating. I’ve been thinking of Lux a lot lately since I just saw a movie [Mud] with Michael Shannon in it. If ever an actor were born to play Lux Interior, he’s certainly the one! That got me wondering what anyone had posted about Lux lately and brought me here. With Kid Congo Powers and Tav Falco in the comments, we are in great company! A tip of the hat to Mr. Falco. I really enjoyed he recent reading and show.

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  21. Ireland, 1988 approx, a car park and the cramps playing and teen girls dancing. Thanks Lux

  22. As a pre-teen seated before my TV/VCR, I recall the awe I felt when I watched The Cramps perform in the film, Uurgh! A Music War!

    The clear winners to me, and many audience members, (I heard from a friend who attended the screening) of the live showing of the film, The Cramps personified the possibility that something really wild could happen in the world, if the world would just let it.

  23. No more time to rhyme and shout
    Daddy disappears
    the wiggy light

  24. Thank you Lux for exposing me to so much music that I would have never experienced. Meeting you and Ivy was beyond my expectations. Seeing you live so many times kept me interested in seeing live music. There will never be a live band like the Cramps. You made so many people happy and when I looked around at the crowds all I saw were smiles because you had “it”. Music will never be the same.

  25. Lux and Ivy were the couple that truly inspired my rock’n’roll world. I compiled the first complete online archive for the Cramps (with some help). Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz was my rock’n’roll/burlesque homage to their spirit and we followed the mad swath they cut around the world. I’ve quit jobs to see them play, Ivy signed and kissed the pickguard of my White Falcon and I still have the mic stand Lux wrapped around his noggin the last time I saw them in Seattle. I still feel the passion provoked by their amazing visions as if it was new.

  26. Class. Passion. Freedom. Intelligence. Beauty. Art. Soul. Sex. Love. Thank the Universe for Lux and Ivy.

  27. B. Lodermeier // 12/03/2016 at 02:23 // Reply

    That Lux and Ivy were together for 37 years is no mean feat in itself. So sad she has to be without him. Loved the Cramps!

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