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Deep State, Media Vampirism and the MOAB Bomb

With the MOAB, High Dollar Despotism And Perpetual War show off their latest toy

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]T[/dropcap]he capitalist media swoons in ecstatic adulation to bombing campaigns for the same reason that authoritarian personality types, as a general rule, go round heeled for militarist Sturm und Drang.

The enclosed nature of the authoritarian psyche creates a sense of insatiable emptiness, wherein the phenomenon of sensation serves as a palliative. Astonishing as the fact is, media elites find beauty in violent death, or as archetypal psychologist James Hillman termed the phenomenon, “a terrible love of war.”

Being over-coffered Renfields to vampiric empire, they are intoxicated by the sight and smell of blood. Finally, the thunder of detonating bombs is the song of money… the addiction to which of their media oligarch bosses translates to veritable vampirism i.e., subsisting on a diet of blood.

It appears that the deployment of the GBU-43 (Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB)) AKA “the mother of all bombs” had been planned and scheduled during the Obama administration, the force responsible for planning the operation and sending the massive bomb for use in Afghanistan.

Further evidence, clear to all but the wilfully obtuse, there is but one political party in the US — the party of High Dollar Despotism And Perpetual War.

But for the sake of further clarity, let’s called the situation for what it is. Military based imperialism — which is, in reality, state sanctioned gangsterism wherein its modus operandi is a shakedown and extortion racket.

The international crime cartel known as the deep state has put Donald “little hands” Trump on notice. They know him for the mook — and mook of the worst sort, one gripped and compelled by a sense of grandiosity — that he is. Illustration by Dan Booth 7They have informed the preening, bloated piker of his position in the scheme of things. The message did not entail the placing of a horse’s severed head between his bed’s satin sheets in his Mar-a-Lago retreat. It involved carefully worded blackmail crafted and promulgated by the deep state’s mouthpieces within the Washington Post and New York Times.

Even given the fact of Trump’s advanced case of Dunning–Kruger syndrome, it appears he apprehended the situation, thus he is allowing himself to be bent to the will and dictates of his psychopathic betters.

The imagery of blood and thunder acts as an intoxicant. But only for those whose heart has been reduced to dust. Away from Big Media soundstages, far from their soul-bereft, ersatz verities, mothers and widows grieve, men pound the blood-sodden earth in lamentation. Yet vampires are not troubled by the fate of their victims nor the suffering of those who survive them.

The remedy: Sunlight and wooden stakes.

Translation: Seeing a vampire for what it is and the penetration of the monster’s dead heart by the world itself.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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