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Trump’s Antics Abroad Would be Scary – If He Held the Strings

Novelty Handshakes, Ketchup on Steak – Trump on Tour is Not Where the Power Lies

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hat is novel about Trump’s actions among Saudi Arabian royalists, other than the b-movie horror-grade, glowing orb special effect and other bizarre bonding rituals of obscenely wealthy, despotic, creepy-ass, two-legged shit-dollops?

From whom do you think the Saudis received the weaponry to commit its ongoing war crimes against Yemen?

As is the case with all things Trump, he is merely acting openly and crassly, which is his mode of mind and modus operandi, wherein Obama’s was to proffer pleasing-to-liberal platitudes as he committed his crimes against humanity.Money headed guy by Dan Booth

Trump has caused liberals to be able to find Saudi Arabia on a map, and after years of Obama enabling the Saudi royalists’ crimes against humanity. For liberals, in regard to the degradations of capitalism and the international gangsterism inherent to US imperium, Trump appears to be the “Education President.”

Then Trump went to Europe and acted like a rude, self-centred ass-rocket… as have millions of US Americans before him.

But don’t worry yourself. Europe — including its US scion i.e., the imperialist aggregation known as NATO — will remain a US colony. US presidents do not control foreign policy. The deep state would never allow that risk.

Finally: Yes. Yes. We know: Trump’s loutish behaviour does not befit that of a proper quisling of the neoliberal capitalist order. His delusion that he is in charge of such matters, matters that involve the vast wealth and power of Western oligarchs, is clear evidence of his derangement.

We are witnessing a struggle between a gasbag malignant narcissist and the klavern of loose-knit psychopaths of the US deep state and their corporate/imperialist press stenographers — who have grown entitled to controlling US foreign policy. Don’t bet on the gasbag prevailing. Although, at least, for the present, the latter appears to be attempting a bloodless, palace coup similar to the one that they perpetrated on Richard Nixon.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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