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The Carnabys

Reviving the beatnik boho spirit of old London, The Carnabys entertain the Garage regulars. Photos

The famed beatnik allure of London’s Carnaby Street has lost its polish in recent decades.

Once ground zero for edgy pop poetics, narcotic inspiration and velvet collar lock-ins, the strip of hallowed tarmac now offers a bewildering and dispiriting range of replica red buses, plastic Union Flag bowler hats and sundry BritainPLC tat.

Channeling the former – The Carnabys, live at The Garage.

Carnabys by Carl a

Carnabys by Carl b

Carnabys by Carl c

Carnabys by Carl d

Carnabys by Carl e

Carnabys by Carl f

Carnabys by Carl g

Photos by Carl Byron Batson. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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