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Drink up and Have Another. Fags all Round

Dadaists on a visit to the outbuildings of St Julien on 14th April 1921 A number of countries have passed laws which require cigarette manufacturers to show ‘denormalising’ images on their...

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Phleghm-ily Affair. How Smokers breed Smokers

If mum or dad is a smoker, their teenager is more likely to be a smoker too. Report...

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More Cash, Less Ash. Raising pay can reduce smoking rates

Raising pay can reduce smoking rates ...

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Smokers: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Smug

Being around other smokers may be a major reason why cancer survivors are smoking and should be something that is addressed...

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Only a Few? Smoking and Denial

It seems that people are aware about the dangers of tobacco for health, but might consider that the risks are not for themselves, but only for other people....

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GM Tobacco Plants Treat Rabies

Smoking tobacco might be bad for your health, but a genetically altered version of the plant might provide a relatively inexpensive cure for the deadly rabies virus....

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Putting electronic cigarettes to the test

Electronic cigarettes are experiencing somewhat of a boom at the moment. An estimated two million people in Germany have already turned to the vapor cigarette, which many view as a healthy...

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