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Lessons in Leadership: What Sanders Could Learn From Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership triumph shows what Sanders might have been

papa che by Dan Booth

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]T[/dropcap]he contrast between Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie “Judas Goat” Sanders could not be more apparent.

Not only the fact that Corbyn’s socialist perspective included an anti-imperialist stance (i.e., emblematic of the genuine article) while Bernie’s brand could be summed up as A Kinder, Gentler Predator Drone/Cold War 2.0 Militarism — but Jeremy Corbyn emerged victorious due to the fact that he stuck to his principles and did not cave to the neoliberal Blairite hacks of the Labor Party establishment — while, conversely, Sander’s has busied — and disgraced himself — shilling for and becoming BFFL with their Tony Blair-in-a-couture-pantsuit candidate.

Uncle Bernie’s capitulation has been so craven… he is knowingly doing the bidding of not only the “billionaire class” that he previously upbraided with such vehemence, but also the very scoundrels who rigged the nominating process against him. Bernie, if you had had a sliver of Corbyn’s integrity and grit, you could have built a movement.

If you had been sincere, and he had entered the (sham) race to win the nomination, why didn’t you make a righteous stink about the rigged process? Nor call out Hillary for her e-mail malfeasance? Nor her Bush/Cheney-style lies regarding the destruction of Libya? Nor the massive slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation? Why would you endorse a cartel of crooks who stole the election from you? Why then, after being cheated and betrayed, why did you cheat and betray your followers Che by Dan Boothby not running as an independent candidate with Jill Stein – as opposed to disgracing yourself by shilling for the Clinton Crime Family, an odious clutch of liars and crooks who embody everything you claim to stand against?

Instead, you have bequeathed to your supporters a handful of ashes. You will be remembered as a sell-out, a cringing, obsequious Renfield to the vampires of the neoliberal, blood-sucking elite of the Democratic Party. You could have driven a stake through their dark hearts as Jeremy Corbyn has the Blairite wing of the Labor Party. But, sadly, reprehensibly, you revealed yourself to be a garden variety, establishment liberal — an enabler of the soul-defying system, and in no way do you resemble the man of courage and conviction your credulous followers imagined you to be.

Illustration by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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