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Mikhael Paskalev’s ‘Jive Babe’

Contributing to the buzz-mongering, hype-aggregating, SEO-chasing churnalism that passes for music writing in the era of revenue-by-pageview web publishing makes irritating little tics spasm under the beleagured left eye of this editor.

Chasing the ten-minute boom/bust cycle of major label hopefuls is a mug's game, pure and simple. The dessicated soul of the jaundiced hack with nothing to offer but bile and spleen becomes the default setting within mere months (in these accelerated times), watching the diurnal parade of attention-seeking hopefuls who lack the basic arrogance to at least be proper tossers with guitars.

Mikhael Paskalev’s ‘Jive Babe’ is the second single from his forthcoming solo album due to be released in Norway in late September. It's building an avalanche of buzz, pulling in scads of YouTube views, FaceBook likes, and all those other forms of e-homage that have replaced actual fandom in the post-Napster age.

It's also, ahem, quite good.



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