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Be As Vile as You Want to Be (Man and the Echo, Lexington)

Trebuchet reports on Man and the Echo at the Lexinton, and finds no need to be vile


[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]A[/dropcap]nother Thursday night is upon us, people to and fro, all busy heading somewhere to complete their day, or start their night….

Something I watch while sipping a beer in the cool air outside the Lexington in Islington.

I’m here awaiting the set to start for the band I’m reviewing, but rather than the general nonchalance that goes with hearing a band for the first time, I feel trepidation. This is in a way, one of our own, and that makes it all a different landscape. We’ve never met, I’ve not seen his work, but the band includes a writer for Trebuchet, so in a way, family.

Man and the Echo, Lexington, July 2016This of course leads the question ‘But what if they actually suck!!!?? What do I DO!!!!???’ Obviously, this question was in fact emailed to the editor upon notification of said fact. The answer, simple but to the point… Say something nice about their clothes?! Not my strong point when I dislike what I hear, so no matter what, it was going to be a fair and unbiased review. Pretty much why I was sent.

Man and the Echo are a solid four piece band from up north, and carry behind them some great music. I won’t say their style or sound is new, as it isn’t. What it is however is fresh enough and layered with their own character to make it stand out. Proudly.

Lyrics with solid stories, humour, and relevance, musicality that belies what may seem like simple music (but isn’t quite that) because you’re busy tapping your foot or bobbing your head. A presence on stage that would upsize well to a bigger venue and larger audience. All characteristics of a band moving in an Man and the Echo, Lexington, July 2016upward direction (and attributes which many bigger bands/performers miss by miles!).

If you’re around my age, their sound will remind you of days and music that had character and soul, and broke some boundaries. If you’re younger, they’ll introduce you to a sound that has life and something to say, and some music the way it deserves to be done.

Whatever the case, you’d be foolish not to take a listen and may even find yourself smiling…as I still am.

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