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Loitered Lens: The Castells [Pics]

The Castells are cool. 

"Wearing daft shirts and playing effortlessly,
The Castells become one, effortlessly.
Baby belle wax figurines, 
A penguin becomes a tangerine. 
If time had waders, they would have made her, 
Still they passed water, effortlessly." 

– Fearne Cotton, The BBC. 

The Castells are friends of the Savage Nomads (on Facebook) and sometimes perform together. Apparently they told my (on Facebook) mate that they'd give him a lift but then they bailed and left him at the venue. He managed to chat up a design student and spent the night on the sofa by pretending to be straight. She said that she's only let him stay the night because she wanted to make it with a gay guy. Apparently he'd agreed too quickly. Gay boys are apparently less forthright when it comes to women, at least in her experience. She said she had a boyfriend anyway, or in his words, 'adding insult to perjury'.  

Why she was a Castells gig we may never know but my mate hates the band (on Facebook) by association. 

Castells Website

Castells 2011Castells 2011Castells 2011Castells 2011Castells 2011Castells 2011Castells 2011Castells 2011Castells 2011

All Photos by Carl Batson 2011

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