Loitered Lens: SikTH

Photos from SikTH's December gig at Koko, Camden

Scheduled to play Death Of A Dead Day in full, the mighty SikTH would first have to wait for an epic two-band warm up from Press To Meco and Devil Sold His Soul.

With an early tea time kick off we figured the pit would be vacant and the floor would be empty but Oh!, how wrong can you be? The metallers had obviously bunked off work early and forfeited their egg and chips to join the world and his wife with their new cameras in the pit. The support was epic and the elbowing and jostling for a shot in the sporadic flashes of stage lights was blissful. SikTH took the stage and Mikee soaked up the adulation like a modern day Charles Manson welcoming home his children after a night of shenanigans in the hills. The band were en point, the atmosphere was electric, but you could see behind the sweat and the grrrrrllllsss that Mikee was longing to be in Watford, pitching up at Stitches and banging out ceiling tiles with his fist.

Photos: Carl Byron Batson. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.
SikTH played KOKO, Camden on December 8th 2017

Carl Byron Batson
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Photographer, published poet, former party animal, body builder, grave robber to the stars and renowned chainsaw juggler, Carl can often be spotted on his Harley Davidson pretending to be in Terminator 2. He is also frequently seen in the press pits of old London town, camera in hand, avoiding being hit by bottles of wee and crippling his opposition with secret Kung Fu moves.

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