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Loitered Lens: Healthy Junkies [Pics]

Melodic French edge meets English grunt.

Parisian Lead singer Nina Courson teamed up with British guitarist Phil Honey-Jones just over a year ago to set about writing and recording one song for a close friend’s birthday. The song entitled Glam sister turned out to be the first of many songs, and before long bass player Tjay Tarantino and drummer Adam Lewis were on board and Healthy Junkies were born, went into the studio and recorded Copycat and Trash my love.

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Adam lewis is currently taking a break from making music and new drummer Steve Nightmare has joined the band, recording a further 11 Healthy Junkies songs which will complete the debut album.Taking their influences from a fine blend of genres they are forging ahead and discovering their own unique style.

Healthy Junkies are a reaction to the dominance of processed, same sounding pop music in the U.K. They are real and play live as they do in the studio with passion and determined belief. Nina’s vocals soars ethereally calling you like sirens to the rocks.

Healthy Junkies Website.

Images: Carl Byron Batson 2011.

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