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Entrenched imperial orders do not die pretty deaths

The angst, humiliations, and sundry degradations of working people that are inherent to capitalism are unbearable for the multitudes

mincerman by Dan Booth

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]F[/dropcap]ascist/racist ideology, the inevitable ideology of state capitalism…

gains ascendancy when the rage of a disenfranchised, humiliated populace is displaced on a foundering nation’s minorities and other perceived outsiders, all at the behest of a ruthless economic/militarist over-class and their propagandists who are possessed of the (deluded) belief that the wildfires of hate that they have ignited can be held in check.

If you are curious as to why armed hate-mongers gather outside of mosques wherein peaceful people worship, the above is your explanation. The angst, humiliations, and sundry degradations of working people that are inherent to capitalism are unbearable for the multitudes, and such social/cultural pathologies bear the seeds of their own destruction — but not before they levy a host of miseries and bring death and destruction to all in their path.

Armed men, with guts full of grievances and hate-warped minds, are tyrannies vanguard; their incantations of belligerent ignorance open Death’s black gates.

The dismal and deranged social/cultural milieu attendant to state capitalism has left the populace angst-ridden, atomized, shallow, resentful, petty, alienated, obese, medicated, and generally mean-spirited and miserable. Moreover, US capitalism/economic imperialism is toxic to soulscape and earthscape e.g., the oceans of the world will be dead in 40 years — tops.

Capitalism has failed at every level; every level that is, other than supporting the societally corrosive whims and ruthless agendas of a cabal of psychopaths. Fact is: If the blood-sucking, death-besotted system is not ended — and rapidly — it will end us.mincerman by Dan Booth

But entrenched imperial orders do not die pretty deaths. What comes next — unless (enough) people grow aware of the exponentially increasing entropy within the system and become malleable to change and committed to struggle — is a whole lot of unnecessary suffering and death.

The system is no longer viable thus reducing its amount of entropy is crucial e.g., the age of petroleum dependent economies must come to an end. There is simply no other sane choice in the matter. Otherwise, the earth’s ecosystem will no longer remain conducive to human life. It is that simple — and there is no arguing the fact, unless you are a fool or a tool or both.

Illustration by Dan Booth not to be reproduced without his express prior permission.


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