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Our Bartlett is Dalston-based Ruth Bartlett. She has been described as someone who "basically does nice things". She is usually to be found en studio, working hard like a good little bunny. Ruth studied Illustration at Brighton University, but mostly made photographic work. She says: "I've worked in publishing, hospitality, styling, special effects, design, illustration; I've been an event photographer, portrait photographer, party thrower, biscuit icer, the whole spectrum. But man do I like taking photos!"

Our-Merica 5: Imaginings of America

"Perhaps, after all, America never has been discovered. I myself would say that it had merely been detected." – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Images By Our Bartlett....

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Our-Merica 4: Imaginings of America

"I believe America's best days are ahead of us because I believe that the future belongs to freedom, not to fear." – John Kerry Images By Our Bartlett....

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Our-Merica 3: Imaginings of America

"This is the story of America. Everybody's doing what they think they're supposed to do." – Jack Kerouac, On the Road Images By Our Bartlett. Our...

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Our-Merica 2: Imaginings of America

"In a country as big as the United States, you can find fifty examples of anything." – Jeffery F. Chamberlain. Images By Our Bartlett. Our BartlettOur...

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Our-Merica 1: Imaginings of America

Photos of America...

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