Author: Liam Turner

Into the Unknown: The Fall

Regular Trebuchet column Into the Unknown takes a rare look back, and picks The Fall's 'Reformation' for closer scrutiny. Reformation Omnipresent, the veterans, the journeymen of British...

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Into the Unknown: Omar S

Omar S – 'Here’s your trance now dance' We’re here again and it’s another song of the month on dance music. I’m guessing about half have been that way over the...

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Into the Unknown: Sharon Van Etten

As it’s the new year it seems right and proper to look forward, and how nice it is too. What’s even nicer is to get your teeth into some blood-bubbling new music. We look forward to...

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Into the Unknown: Death in Vegas

Death in Vegas – Your Loft my Acid After listening to a regularly reliable machine based radio show The Electronic Tonic there it was: The return of Death in Vegas. We all know what happens to...

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Into The Unknown: Crushed Beaks – Think Lucky

For the first time in this position I didn’t have anything in mind for this article. Usually something is on the tip of my audio tongue. Not this month. It left me in quite an exciting position...

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