Author: Jeremy Schlosberg

Jeremy Schlosberg curates the music recommendation blog and periodically writes fine essays on the miasma that is the post-Napster music industry. This essay edited from the original.

In Defence of Music

I am here in defence of music. Of music music---not social music sites, not music apps, not the ability to stream, or the ability to store songs in the cloud. I am here to extol the delicious,...

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Are Social Media Values Human Values?

None of the values promoted by a social-media-dominated world are helpful with depth-oriented, long-term thinking...

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Music in the Age of No-Effort

‘97,751 albums released in a year’, Jeremy Schlosberg examines the implications of music market gluttony. I was talking to a music industry acquaintance on the phone not long ago and he...

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Forecast: Cloudy

A little while back, the results of a survey commissioned by the subscription online music store eMusic were released, and they were notable. The survey targeted people who buy music online. Among...

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The Free Music Mirage

Putting an End to a Persistent Illusion Steadily, over the course of the last 10 years, the idea that recorded music "has" to be free has been transformed from a radical stance taken by...

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The Tyranny of Novelty

We hear it over and over again (even though it is not yet precisely true): people don’t want to pay for recorded music. And what is recorded music? Music that has been thoughtfully written and...

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It’s Called Viral for a Reason

In the relative blink of an eye, we have culturally swallowed a crazy idea: that the capacity to grab people’s attention is more important than what is being done to grab their attention. We...

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Everything Looks Like a Nail: The “Social Music” Fallacy

I was listening to an album on Spotify the other day when I heard an ad between tracks that was promoting Spotify itself, focused on how “social” the service is. Because after all, as the ad...

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