Author: Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts is a musician and writer who lives in the North West of England. His band, Man & The Echo are signed to 1965 records and will release their debut album in 2016. Twitter: @manandtheecho

An Attempt at a Productive Conversation with a Conservative: A Fantasy Saga

How do you chat politics with a Tory (without frothing at the mouth)? Invent one....

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The Lash of Lord Edmonds: Imagining the Brexit Aftermath

Gentle and lighthearted musings on the Apocalyptic Gloom which might follow Brexit...

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Genocide By a Thousand Tory Cuts. (Employment and Support Allowance Slashed)

Make no mistake about it: Persistent Tory cuts to disability benefits are a gradual, unglamorous, and barely reported-upon genocide. Essay...

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Subject Matters: Searching for The Perfect Pop Music Lyric

Man and The Echo’s Gareth Roberts waxes lyrical about the importance of good lyrics in pop music....

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