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Austerity : The Colonialism of the Corporate

The blood-sucking tyrannies of neoliberal austerity were inflicted on the Greek people by means of election ruses.

Money headed guy by Dan Booth

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]B[/dropcap]y levying so-called austerity measures, Germany and the Troika’s goal is not to aid the Greek people.

Their agenda is to bring Greece to her knees so that the nation’s assets can be privatized and plundered. This is the modus operandum of capitalism i.e., seize the resources of a given area, from precious metals to timber to the pensions of the elderly then hoard the plunder in the already bloated coffers of a parasitic economic elite.

Whether it is genocide in the Congo by Belgium colonialists or the U.S.’s own heart of darkness that levied genocide across the so-called American frontier or the present day, U.S. funded and orchestrated violent upheaval perpetrated by Western imperialism upon Libya, Honduras, Venezuela, and Ukraine — the fact of the matter is: We are talking about massive criminal operations that are veiled under spurious banners of national interests, economic progress and humanitarian concerns.An Illustration by Dan Booth

The “crisis” in Greece involves this: Any challenge to the crime cartel known as Western capitalism must be crushed and its opponents either bought off, humiliated, or deposed. The capitalist order requires slaves, overseers, propagandists, military, police, and economic enforcers, bourgeois dupes, and quislings. Anyone else is a nonentity. Submit or be crushed — or accept living on the margins.

Or — on every level possible: Challenge the order with truth. Refuse its paltry bribes. Resist its degradations; its affronts to your dignity. Subvert the soul-defying set-up, in ways large and small.

Appropriating Gothic metaphors, you have to let a vampire across the threshold of your place of dwelling (e.g., Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat in the oligarchic vampire-owned and operated U.S. election system, and he has vowed to endorse Hillary, Queen of The Damned; therefore, by late summer of 2016, he will be serving as her truckling Renfield).

The blood-sucking tyrannies of neoliberal austerity were inflicted on the Greek people by means of election ruses. In short, capitalism translates to the oppressed as little more than despotism and official criminality — and the corrupt to the core setup acquires the illusion of legitimacy by means of the dismal theatre of its sham elections.

Illustrations by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without permission.


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