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Viza: Interview

These days it takes a lot to excite me, but I was intrigued by the prospect of a Los Angeles-based seven piece band predominately of Armenian descent and commonly described as Gogol Bordello meets System of a Down, with a passion for human rights and community issues.

Viza (formerly known as Visa) played their first London gig at the Borderline on 1st August to promote their fifth album, Carnivalia, which their singer K’noup described to me as their “most colourful and humorous record” as opposed to the previous album, Made in

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2 Comments on Viza: Interview

  1. I wish I was there as they couldn’t make it in France.
    Viza is a great band whose sonorities and creativity and talent deserve to be known. They’ll be touring with Serj Tankian throughout Europe and the US later this year, You ALL should come!

  2. Great gig, super duper review….

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