Suicide Silence announce new album Apr23

Suicide Silence announce new album

Suicide Silence announce new album You Can’t Stop Me – release July 14th

Sleepy Sun : Corsica Studios [Live] Apr25

Sleepy Sun : Corsica Studios [Live]

With each album Sleepy Sun are moving further away from their garage-folk roots and further into straight ahead psych-pop. Moreover, they’re just getting better at being musicians.

Bugle Boy : The Glenn Miller Story [Musical] Apr24

Bugle Boy : The Glen...

Den Stevenson’s Bugle Boy which, having charmed the West End (a full house standing ovation at the Garrick, for one), now heads out on another tour of the UK.

Tori Amos : Unrepentant Geraldines Apr24

Tori Amos : Unrepentant Geraldines

Striking a balance between vivid imagery and staying the right side of the absurdity barrier. Her lyrics might be colourful, but they are never lurid.

James Narh (XXL Streetdance) : Interview Apr23

James Narh (XXL Streetdance) : Interview

Street dance has to sit within contemporary culture to stand the test of time, and not end up as a fad that disappears after a session or two.

Polar Bear : XOYO Apr22

Polar Bear : XOYO

This was jazz, but it was jazz with the raw energy and ferocious intensity of a rock show.

D S C R D : Interview Apr21

D S C R D : Interview

Some people react more poetically, have nice abstract or artistic concepts, create an imaginary world or whatever. We do not have any of this.

Loitered Lens: The Spitfires Apr20

Loitered Lens: The Spitfires

Photos of The Spitfires, A Watford based 3 piece who have been together since September 2012

Check Your Privilege Apr19

Check Your Privilege

It’s become a ubiquitous phrase – Check Your Privilege – one that may both encourage and stifle debate, but what is privilege and how does it change?

Kelis : Food Apr19

Kelis : Food

An album that keeps its powder dry, thrills and teases, and on vocal performances such as ‘Biscuits n’ Gravy’, enthrals. Kelis, Food. Review

Gallon Drunk [Interview] Apr18

Gallon Drunk [Interview]

In the late afternoon, on the last day of winter, James Johnston and Trebuchet’s Kailas caught up to talk over the reinvigoration of Gallon Drunk and the ghosts of the past.

Cutting his Way to Freedom: Henri Matisse Apr18

Cutting his Way to Freedom: Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs is a must-see for so many different reasons. The Tate director, Nicholas Serota, claims it will be “the most evocative and compelling show that London has ever seen”.

Riverside : O2 Islington Apr17

Riverside : O2 Islington

An ideal band for the many people still missing Porcupine Tree, but on the basis of performances like this, they’re far, far more than that.

Art Belongs to the People : Ashmolean Museum Apr16

Art Belongs to the People : Ashmolean Museum

A show focussed on a previously overlooked dynamic between the grandfather of the post-war avant garde, Joseph Beuys, and his politically mobilized student at the Dusseldorf Academy: Jörg Immendorff.

Welcome to Iraq : South London Gallery Apr15

Welcome to Iraq : South London Gallery

Live event, featuring a talk, a performance and traditional Iraqi food

Sebastian Bach : Give ‘Em Hell Apr15

Sebastian Bach : Give ‘Em Hell

Compared to previous Sebastian Bach albums, there is an increase in vocal harmonies, and some of the effects used give a sense of an alternative or electronic sound at times.

Redford’s Condor – America’s Falcon Apr14

Redford’s Condor – America’s Fal...

Captain America – The Winter Soldier is Marvel’s latest attempt to make their pen on paper characters effective in the movie business. They succeed more than they fail and the new film is both more subversive in tone and brutal in its execution

Loitered Lens : Birdeatsbaby Apr13

Loitered Lens : Birdeatsbaby

Dark cabaret supremos Birdeatsbaby played a dramatic set at their Hope & Anchor single launch party.

T.O.M.B Versus Pilgrim Versus The Unholy Apr11

T.O.M.B Versus Pilgrim Versus The Unholy

All of a sudden, what had been sinister, suggestive and harsh starts sounding instead like some bloke making funny ‘WURRRRGH!’ and clanging noises in a recording studio.

Semmy Levit : My Secret Dressing Room [Interview] Apr10

Semmy Levit : My Sec...

Our research showed that women buy clothes, but wear them very few times. The more expensive and sensational the purchase, the less likely they were to wear it again

Malcolm Leyland : Brick Lane Art Gallery Apr09

Malcolm Leyland : Brick Lane Art Gallery

When I put the shots together I look for visual connections it terms of line or idea but which inevitably results in a new dynamic

HRH Prog 2 Festival Apr09

HRH Prog 2 Festival

There were complaints from some quarters that it was an inconvenient location. But it was an equal opportunity inconvenience; it takes just as long wherever you’re coming from. HRH Prog 2

The Music of Bernard Parmegiani at LCMF Apr08

The Music of Bernard Parmegiani at LCMF

While in Paris Parmegiani’s work is usually presented in state of the art, state-subsidised spaces, here it manifests in multi-storey car parks and former carpet factories, both in formerly abject but rapidly-gentrifying areas.

Secret Garden Party Preview Apr07

Secret Garden Party Preview

What makes Secret Garden special is that its focus upon audience participation makes each hedonistic reveller feel very much a part of a gloriously impromptu and intimate house party.

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