Ed Kienholz’ Early Work

Ed Kienholz, Leda and the Canadian Honker, mixed media assemblage, 1957 d Kienholz is an assemblage artist, an installation  artist, and a conceptual artist; which is to say that his work lies somewhere within that (read more)


Current issue

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Cultural Breakthroughs

Images in the Head

The Beano, ‘Numskulls’ (c.1960) famous philosopher told his infant daughter that the crocodile she had dreamt was in her head. Terrified, that there was a crocodile in her head, she became much discomforted. It is (read more)

Sci-Fi Polititicism Meets Erudite Poetry

magine another world in which extra-terrestrials roam or slide with their cyborg affiliates. Imagine their futuristic habitats, their disasters and their strange ways of breathing, approaching, greeting, eating; more strange for being only slightly removed (read more)

Visual Reportage