Terry Riley and Africa Express at Tate Modern [Film] Nov23

Terry Riley and Africa Express at Tate Modern [Fil...

Tate Modern and Africa Express present Terry Riley’s In C Mali is released online on 27 November at The Space

Loitered Lens : The Dough Rollers Nov23

Loitered Lens : The Dough Rollers

Drowning out the critics with a drop of Dublin’s finest distilled malt, The Dough Rollers rock the Apollo

Reeves Gabrels [Interview] Nov22

Reeves Gabrels [Inte...

Reeves Gabrels, currently guitarist in The Cure and formerly David Bowie’s collaborator in Tin Machine, interviewed

Red Square : Steam Nov21

Red Square : Steam

Compared to previous Red Square releases, this is slightly darker, slightly colder in tone.

Steve Rothery : Bush Hall [Live] Nov20

Steve Rothery : Bush Hall [Live]

The closest thing to Fish-era Marillion in their mid-80s prime as you’re likely to get

Conan : Camden Underworld [Live] Nov19

Conan : Camden Under...

A gig fuelled by what might best be termed dark psychedelia (or doom metal and its many sub-varieties)

Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble Nov18

Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi...

This album marks the release of the band’s darkest material since Pork Soda

Exodus: Gods and Kings Nov17

Exodus: Gods and Kin...

Will Exodus: Gods and Kings Fulfill Ridley Scott’s Promise?

Adam X : Irreformable Nov17

Adam X : Irreformabl...

Adam X is open and unashamed about his industrial/EBM connections, in sad contrast to some other producers

Loitered Lens : In Flames / Wovenwar / While She Sleeps Nov16

Loitered Lens : In Flames / Wovenwar / While She S...

Capturing the frenzy at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Manami Mogg’s Metal Medley Nov15

Manami Mogg’s ...

This is the proverbial bollocks, with an utter mastery of brutality and method in equal measure.

Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers [Live at the 100 Club] Nov15

Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers [Live at the 100...

Some 20 plus years into their careers Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers are STILL one of the greatest live acts on the planet

Late Rembrandt Nov14

Late Rembrandt

The Rembrandt in the paintings at the National Gallery… is a man who suffered: as a victim of unfortunate tragedies, and as a result of personal flaws.

Damnation Festival 2014 Nov13

Damnation Festival 2014

To compare this to tinned sardines doesn’t really do it justice… it’s closer to tinned beans, or cous-cous squashed unceremonially into a really small tub

Assassinated Beauty : Proud Camden Nov12

Assassinated Beauty : Proud Camden

The exhibition is a retrospective of photos of Manic Street Preachers taken from Cummins’ first NME shoot with the band in 1992

Billy Idol : Hammersmith Apollo Nov11

Billy Idol : Hammersmith Apollo

Did the crowd go wild? Yes the crowd went f’ing wild, especially when Steve Stevens began teasing the intro to ‘White Wedding’. The place erupted

GV Art : Lost in Fathoms Nov11

GV Art : Lost in Fathoms

The show feels like stepping into a noir detective story, surrounding the disappearance of the island of Nuuk

Cowbell : The 100 Club [Live] Nov10

Cowbell : The 100 Cl...

Both Cowbell and their amazing music have yet to be revealed.

Watching: Bourdieu [Vid] Nov09

Watching: Bourdieu [...

Sociology is a Martial Art follows the day to day mental life of Pierre Bourdieu, a French sociologist at the forefront of Post-structuralist theory until is death in 2002.

Centinex Vs Kong Vs 1349 Nov09

Centinex Vs Kong Vs ...

1349: This is, in fact, the hellhound’s very own knackers

The Hold Steady / So So Glos Nov08

The Hold Steady / So So Glos

Non-violent, no frills hard hitting (musically) rock and roll on a school night

Ja Ja Ja Nordic Music Club : The Lexington Nov07

Ja Ja Ja Nordic Musi...

Ja Ja Ja Nordic Music Club at The Lexington in London, was set up to both promote the area’s musical talent, and dispel any preconceptions.

Luna Rossa : The Borderline Nov06

Luna Rossa : The Borderline

Stripped-down intimacy rather than full-on rock. Luna Rossa at the Borderline

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