Dave Lombardo (Slayer, PHILM) : Interview [Part 2] Oct31

Dave Lombardo (Slaye...

My maximum beats per minute is between 200 and 210bpm, anything past that I feel doesn’t carry any feeling.

Trick or Treat! A Celebration of Samhain Oct30

Trick or Treat! A Ce...

It is the festival of Samhain from whence our contemporary experience of Hallowe’en stems

Raging Speedhorn : Interview Oct29

Raging Speedhorn : Interview

Just the fact that so many people are so into us being back is awesome! Considering we’re a shitty underground band from Corby, it’s pretty amazing that so many people still care.

Trojan Horse : World Turned Upside Down Oct28

Trojan Horse : World...

Unlike lesser bands who attempt derivative pastiches of the sounds of 70s progressive rock or 80s post-punk, Trojan Horse actually capture the spirit of the things

Max Richter : Royal Albert Hall [Live] Oct27

Max Richter : Royal Albert Hall [Live]

The final word is this was a truly historic evening for music, and Vivaldi’s reputation to wow audiences shines undimmed.

Loitered Lens : Lux Lisbon Oct26

Loitered Lens : Lux Lisbon

Photos of Lux Lisbon live in concert

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Passes! Africa by Bike Oct25

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Passes! Afri...

The longer I’m on the bike, the more existential the ride seems to get.

Dave Lombardo (Slayer, PHILM) : Interview Oct24

Dave Lombardo (Slaye...

There is a time in the song where the drummer should let loose a little bit but then there are times when he should let the other members shine

Damnation Festival : Preview Oct23

Damnation Festival : Preview

Damnation have assembled themselves a blistering lineup for this year’s event, held on Saturday 1st November at Leeds Student Union

Richard Dawkins to Guest on Heavy Metal Song Oct22

Richard Dawkins to G...

Band reveals the famed evolutionary biologist and atheist writer/leader Richard Dawkins as a guest on their eighth studio album.

Uneri : Fluvial Benevolence of Womanity Oct22

Uneri : Fluvial Benevolence of Womanity

Art’s ever-disputed purpose chokes, regurgitates and, eventually, masticates the fabric of society to emulsified pap, thus palatable to the prolish hordes.

Reflections on Gamergate Oct21

Reflections on Gamergate

There are valid points about censorship and freedom of expression to be made, but this fatally-tainted hashtag isn’t an appropriate vehicle for it.

HHY & The Macumbas – Throat Permission Cut Oct20

HHY & The Macum...

This collaboration, the first Macumbas vinyl release, is based around electric bass, brass, percussion and electronics.

Loitered Lens : UK Subs Oct19

Loitered Lens : UK Subs

Photos of the UK Subs at the Watford Punk Collective.

The Graveltones : Interview Oct18

The Graveltones : Interview

‘not that our music is really ‘saying anything’, but lyrics have to have something in there that connects with people’. The Graveltones talk to Trebuchet

Kyle Kouri : Interview Oct17

Kyle Kouri : Interview

‘I mastered the eyebrows, smirk, handshake and nasal, drawling talk. The seductive and aggressive game of selling pictures. The whole thing was hilarious’

Transatlantic : KaLIVEoscope Oct16

Transatlantic : KaLIVEoscope

For all the fabled self-indulgence of their sprawling studio albums, this recording gives a taste of just why Transatlantic are held in such high regard as a live act.

Dieter Meier [Yello] Interview Oct14

Dieter Meier [Yello] Interview

‘Conceptual art is pure rationalism. If there is an opposite to that, it’s music.’

The/Das : Sebright Arms Oct13

The/Das : Sebright A...

Memorable melodies flow from their army of synths and infectious rhythm rips through from crunchy percussion and live drums.

Thunder in the Distant Past Oct13

Thunder in the Dista...

For my money, along with The Pistols and The Clash, The Heartbreakers were the only outfit to really ‘get it’, whatever ‘it’ was in 1977.

Loitered Lens : The Vaselines Oct12

Loitered Lens : The Vaselines

Kurt Cobain called The Vaselines’ Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee his favourite songwriters.

Ebola : A Dog’s Life For Us All Oct11

Ebola : A Dog’...

Destroying Excalibur the dog doesn’t bode well for how our governments will respond if there is a major Ebola outbreak outside of Africa.

U.K. Subs : The Flag, Watford Oct10

U.K. Subs : The Flag, Watford

Witness a man who has defied time and will surely rock till he drops. UK Subs at the Flag, Watford

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