Send Scriptonite to Palestine! Jul17

Send Scriptonite to ...

This is not a conflict, it is a slowly unfolding genocide.

Wolves in the Throne Room : Celestite Jul23

Wolves in the Throne Room : Celestite

One gets the sense that Wolves in the Throne Room are soundtracking the Joseph Campbell monomyth of their own lives, but rather than a Disneyesque prog version, they’re going deeper.

Knifeworld : The Unravelling Jul22

Knifeworld : The Unr...

Fans of Zappa should find a lot to like about this record, as should anyone who thinks there should be more bassoons in rock.

Takahito Irie : Interview Jul21

Takahito Irie : Interview

I like the Sci-fi stuff. We always harbour desire and imagination for future life, and humans are making it real.

Loitered Lens : Gold Lake Jul20

Loitered Lens : Gold Lake

Photos of Gold Lake at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Singapore’s Library Board Pulps Books Jul19

Singapore’s Library Board Pulps Books

Should the library be allowed to impose a moralistic “pro-family” (anti-LGBTQ) policy over its public access collections and withdraw those books which do not reflect those so-called “community norms”?

Neil Gaiman at the Barbican Jul18

Neil Gaiman at the Barbican

For an hour or so, we could almost taste the wetted air of foggy heaths and breathe the scent of mythical caves.

Applied Carpe Diem – Living and Dying with ALS Jul17

Applied Carpe Diem – Living and Dying with A...

To fully appreciate life, we also need to understand and appreciate death

Contemporary Sculpture, Zabludowicz Collection Jul16

Contemporary Sculpture, Zabludowicz Collection

At the Zabludowicz Collection, it is not just our perception of different media that is challenged, but also our relationships to time, scale, colour, form and materials

The Pearl Harts : The Garage, Islington [Live] Jul15

The Pearl Harts : The Garage, Islington [Live]

The Pearl Harts, a tenacious, rock hungry duo opening the show for Kagoule.

Breugel to Freud : Prints at the Courtauld Jul14

Breugel to Freud : P...

If one pauses to listen, then there are some quietly iconoclastic voices to be heard.

Loitered Lens : Twin Atlantic Jul13

Loitered Lens : Twin Atlantic

Photos of Twin Atlantic live at the Hospital Club, 8th July 2014

Austerity = Kids Eating from Bins Jul12

Austerity = Kids Eating from Bins

Logic has been ignored – and now we have children eating scraps from bins to survive.

Application : System Fork Jul11

Application : System...

Fascinating hybrid forms that don’t fit easily into genres, but operate along a fluid ambient/electronica/electro spectrum

3 Teeth [Album Review] Jul10

3 Teeth [Album Review]

3 Teeth give their audiences a place to shake it out and survive. A sort of spiritual one night stand. And what is that if not the highest apex of rock and roll?

NILE [Live] Jul09

NILE [Live]

Egyptian mythology-themed death metallers NILE get necrotic in Southampton.

The Festival Burner Jul08

The Festival Burner

Now with bank apps, emails, incriminating pictures, your phone is an invitation to be blackmailed, divorced or arrested. A lost phone infinitely more so.

This is Not a Book About Gavin Turk Jul07

This is Not a Book About Gavin Turk

By expounding upon Turk’s themes, recurrences and symbolic obsessions, a profile develops which is, enchantingly, acres more telling than a full-frontal biographic assault

Loitered Lens : Othon Jul06

Loitered Lens : Otho...

Othon – ‘a joyous celebration with a meze of cultural references’. Photos

Tav Falco’s Urania Descending [Film] Jul05

Tav Falco’s Ur...

Grab the chance to lurk in the swampwaters of Tav Falco’s imagination at the London premiere of his latest film: Urania Descending.

Time for the Twitter Bubble to Burst Jul05

Time for the Twitter...

If your Twitter row is resulting in someone being fired, imprisoned or put at risk, it is time to get some perspective on your internet use

Fourth of July Spitroast Jul04

Fourth of July Spitroast

There’s a whole lot of meat between the rooter and the tooter so that means there’s little point in getting it on unless the whole neighbourhood is coming

Finntroll (and Friends). [Album Reviews] Jul03

Finntroll (and Friends). [Album Reviews]

The album is perhaps best seen as an intro to the band’s early to mid era – all polkas, accordia, kazoos, strange insect noises and trolls (lots of trolls).

Othon : The Garage [Live] Jul02

Othon : The Garage [...

the musical equivalent of opening a fairy tale pop-up book and watching the characters jump out and dance around your head

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