Loitered Lens : UK Subs Oct19

Loitered Lens : UK Subs

Photos of the UK Subs at the Watford Punk Collective.

The Graveltones : Interview Oct18

The Graveltones : Interview

‘not that our music is really ‘saying anything’, but lyrics have to have something in there that connects with people’. The Graveltones talk to Trebuchet

Kyle Kouri : Interview Oct17

Kyle Kouri : Interview

‘I mastered the eyebrows, smirk, handshake and nasal, drawling talk. The seductive and aggressive game of selling pictures. The whole thing was hilarious’

Transatlantic : KaLIVEoscope Oct16

Transatlantic : KaLIVEoscope

For all the fabled self-indulgence of their sprawling studio albums, this recording gives a taste of just why Transatlantic are held in such high regard as a live act.

Dieter Meier [Yello] Interview Oct14

Dieter Meier [Yello] Interview

‘Conceptual art is pure rationalism. If there is an opposite to that, it’s music.’

The/Das : Sebright Arms Oct13

The/Das : Sebright A...

Memorable melodies flow from their army of synths and infectious rhythm rips through from crunchy percussion and live drums.

Thunder in the Distant Past Oct13

Thunder in the Dista...

For my money, along with The Pistols and The Clash, The Heartbreakers were the only outfit to really ‘get it’, whatever ‘it’ was in 1977.

Loitered Lens : The Vaselines Oct12

Loitered Lens : The Vaselines

Kurt Cobain called The Vaselines’ Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee his favourite songwriters.

Ebola : A Dog’s Life For Us All Oct11

Ebola : A Dog’...

Destroying Excalibur the dog doesn’t bode well for how our governments will respond if there is a major Ebola outbreak outside of Africa.

U.K. Subs : The Flag, Watford Oct10

U.K. Subs : The Flag, Watford

Witness a man who has defied time and will surely rock till he drops. UK Subs at the Flag, Watford

Haken : Restoration [EP] Oct10

Haken : Restoration [EP]

Haken have the instrumental virtuosity and musical scope of the best in progressive rock, but unlike some other bands they aren’t content to create reverential pastiches of 70s greats.

Reeves Gabrels and his Imaginary Fr13nds [Live] Oct09

Reeves Gabrels and his Imaginary Fr13nds [Live]

Just someone else’s guitarist? Not a chance. Gabrels is every inch a worthy frontman.

Neil Cowley Trio at the Barbican Oct08

Neil Cowley Trio at the Barbican

The music is melodic and yet pays homage to the piano’s percussive roots.

Hanging Offence : Ronchini Gallery Oct07

Hanging Offence : Ronchini Gallery

For me, a controversial work is unconventional, contradicts traditional methods of interpretation and provokes a reaction.

Francis Dunnery [Interview] Oct06

Francis Dunnery [Int...

I think it is a dreadful mistake to base your decisions on what an audience might like. Audiences are as fickle as a donkey’s tail.

Loitered Lens : Josh Flowers and the Wild Oct05

Loitered Lens : Josh Flowers and the Wild

Hard hitting, bluesy, folky rock with the hint of a shanty bellowed out like a broadside of canon towards the crowd.

Katha [Following George Orwell in Burma] Oct04

Katha [Following George Orwell in Burma]

Photojournalist Julio Echart traces the footsteps of George Orwell in Burma

Legendary Shack Shakers UK Tour Oct03

Legendary Shack Shak...

The Shack Shakers will be riling up their legion British fans from the 21st to 27th October, rounding things neatly off at London’s iconic 100 Club.

IntO the mOOn : Passing Clouds [Live] Oct03

IntO the mOOn : Passing Clouds [Live]

A self-possessed alternative gypsy rock band whose lyrics resound with those who want to say something but don’t quite know how to say it.

The Bug : Angels and Devils Oct02

The Bug : Angels and Devils

An atmospheric dub record that easily ranks amongst Kevin Martin’s best.

Brother and Bones at the 100 Club [Live] Oct01

Brother and Bones at...

With a mixture of rock rebellion, huge choruses, percussion and pounding beat, there’s a lot to recommend Brother and Bones from the start.

Reeves Gabrels UK Tour Sep30

Reeves Gabrels UK To...

Reeves Gabrels, long-time artistic partner of David Bowie and The Cure’s current lead guitarist, brings his power trio, Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Fr13nds from Nashville to England

Frontiers Records : AOR and Proud Sep30

Frontiers Records : ...

Three new releases from Frontiers Records give a taste of what the current AOR scene has to offer.

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