For Women, Love Makes Sex Better Aug22

For Women, Love Make...

Love and commitment can make sex physically more satisfying for many women

Hey Preston! [Festival] Aug22

Hey Preston! [Festival]

Hey Preston! is an all-day indoor music event coming to Preston’s finest live venue 53 Degrees on Saturday 20th September

Neal Morse : Songs from November Aug21

Neal Morse : Songs from November

This is quite explicitly a singer-songwriter record, with straightforward songs rather than multi-part prog epics

William Burroughs : Animals In The Wall Aug20

William Burroughs : Animals In The Wall

Animals In The Wall will feature 40 original William S Burroughs art works

Loitered Lens : Dead Kennedys Aug20

Loitered Lens : Dead Kennedys

The fathers of American punk showed the kids at Koko (and their parents) that there is still plenty to be angry about.

Bloodstock 2014 Aug19

Bloodstock 2014

Whereas most crowds will sing the words to a song, Megadeth’s break from tradition a little bit by singing the riffs.

Présence Autochtone: Montreal First Peoples Festival Aug18

Présence Autochtone: Montreal First Peoples Festiv...

Présence Autochtone, Montreal First Peoples Festival, celebrates the cultural heritage of the Americas’ aboriginal nations through film, music, dance and other visual arts.

Loitered Lens : Umphreys McGee Aug17

Loitered Lens : Umphreys McGee

Photos of Umphreys McGee live at the Brooklyn Bowl

Yung Lean : The Garage [Live] Aug16

Yung Lean : The Garage [Live]

Security looked like they were bricking it a bit, But Yung Chan delivered a sweat-soaked performance at the Garage to be proud of.

Make the Money, Change the Game [Part 2] Aug15

Make the Money, Change the Game [Part 2]

There’s little to prepare you for paying for a drink and getting your change in three different currencies.

Umphreys McGee : Interview Aug14

Umphreys McGee : Interview

I think this is when we let it all out. Don’t leave an ounce of anything that we haven’t already used.

Why Guardians of the Galaxy Sucked Aug13

Why Guardians of the Galaxy Sucked

They’ve made a successful film; the least they can do is follow up with a good one.

Tricky : Adrian Thaws Aug12

Tricky : Adrian Thaw...

Adrian Thaws, Tricky’s new album, is accessible, and at points even memorable.

Return to the Source 21st Anniversary Aug11

Return to the Source...

Everyone swore that this was, if not the greatest rave ever, probably the best event they been to since 2001

Developer [Interview] Aug11

Developer [Interview]

I’m more a DJ for sure but I have truly fallen in love with producing. You can call it a double marriage if you want.

Cambridge Folk Festival Aug10

Cambridge Folk Festi...

Cambridge Folk Festival has a fete-like atmosphere that swells and sweats music from every pore

Moebius [Film] Aug09

Moebius [Film]

Castration and rape, incest and heavy emphasis on some decidedly unconventional masturbation are far from mainstream viewing topics

Thunder on the Left : The Garage Aug08

Thunder on the Left ...

Set to release their debut single, this gig was Thunder On The Left’s moment to shine and firmly hammer their tousled blonde stamp on the rock scene.

Automatic Art : Human & Machine Processes Make Art Aug07

Automatic Art : Human & Machine Processes Mak...

A historical overview of computation systems, the symbolic basis of process thought.

Tolkien, Art & Metal: Paul R. Gregory Interview Aug06

Tolkien, Art & ...

This year Bloodstock is summoning visions of the dark lord through an onsite exhibition by Bloodstock festival founder and painter Paul Raymond Gregory.

Kagoule : The Garage [Live] Aug06

Kagoule : The Garage [Live]

Art meets rock, shakes hands with pop, fondles a plethora of sub-genres and fucks post-punk

Trioscapes : Digital Dream Sequence Aug05

Trioscapes : Digital Dream Sequence

Throbs with a primal, sweaty and utterly invigorating energy that transcends jazz, funk, metal or rock

Kazimir Malevich : A Beautiful Mind Aug04

Kazimir Malevich : A Beautiful Mind

His work is the exteriorisation of the infinite space within our minds regardless of time and space, regardless of whether we are in Gaza, Duma, Mosul or Kiev.

Loitered Lens : St. Agnes Aug03

Loitered Lens : St. Agnes

St. Agnes. Their percussive brand of psychedelia tastes of mescaline and tequila sunrise.

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