Simon Heijdens : NOW Gallery Sep16

Simon Heijdens : NOW Gallery

Using cutting-edge technology, Heijdens will animate the gallery space through clever manipulation of sunlight and the prevalent Greenwich Peninsula wind.

Odesza : In Return Sep16

Odesza : In Return

Is that too much to ask of an album? That it alter a mood and inject a missing confidence?

Palestine : What Hope Peace? [Film] Sep15

Palestine : What Hope Peace? [Film]

Kerry-Anne Mendoza will be touring the film from November 2014, along with Gaza resident Khalil Al Tatari.

When Empires Fall Sep15

When Empires Fall

An interesting and highly varied mix of indie-rock and progressive rock. Uptempo rockers with trebley guitars sit alongside atmospheric keyboard-led ballads.

Billy Fucking Idol Sep14

Billy Fucking Idol

Recent internet rumours of his demise now quashed, Billy Idol is very much alive

London Month of the Dead Sep13

London Month of the Dead

A tour of Hyde Park’s pet cemetery, a private view of the Museum of London’s bone archive, taxidermy workshops and a series of Sunday death salons.

Prozac [Art Exhibition] Sep13

Prozac [Art Exhibition]

We constantly struggle with being submissive to the mechanism of reality and being driven to evoke its shape.

Mental Metal Music Mash Sep12

Mental Metal Music M...

It is the time of year for disappointments, and – one notable exception notwithstanding – that’s exactly what we’ve got here

Looking for Johnny Thunders [Film] Sep11

Looking for Johnny T...

Screening and director Q&A of Looking for Johnny Thunders. Details

Caroline Piteira [Interview] Sep11

Caroline Piteira [In...

‘almost everyone only ever encounters the ‘cover’ when meeting others, whereas I want to go behind everyone’s mask and see who everyone really is’

RIP Colin McQuillan [Photos] Sep10

RIP Colin McQuillan [Photos]

Irreverent and raucous, Runnin’ Riot brought a touch of humour and attitude to Northern Ireland’s punk scene

Dieter Meier (Yello) Jazz Cafe 16th September Sep09

Dieter Meier (Yello)...

Dieter Meier (Yellow) Jazz Cafe 16th September

Busdriver : Perfect Hair Sep09

Busdriver : Perfect ...

We are understandably fazed when approached by new aspects of music genres that are pushing the dimensions of their own genre to another space and alien neighbourhood. The fazing affect of finding a new hybrid species of music in the alien neighbourhood is like making a decent set of...

Amy Winehouse : Art Exhibition Sep08

Amy Winehouse : Art Exhibition

When I Walk In Your Shoes is a contemporary art exhibition in the aid of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

enkElination : Tears of Lust Sep08

enkElination : Tears of Lust

Just when it seemed that Valkyrie-fronted metal has reached saturation point, along comes Anglo-Finnish outfit enkElination to suggest that there’s life in the genre yet. enkElination take their name from the Finnish word for “Angel”, and began in London back at the end of 2011 as a collaboration between opera-trained singer Elina Siirala and guitarist Shadow Venger. With a support for Van Canto and a slot at the prestigious Bloodstock metal festival in August under their belts, 2014 sees the release of their début album. Although their music contains more than enough pomp enkElination steer away from the wall of sound...

Loitered Lens : The Wild Lies Sep07

Loitered Lens : The Wild Lies

We test ran a few of the new songs from our upcoming debut album, and they went down a right treat

Buzz Osbourne : This Machine Kills Artists Sep06

Buzz Osbourne : This...

Buzz Osbourne once again unearths past music clichés in a way that makes them feel undead and hungry.

In Gaza : Israel’s War on Children Sep05

In Gaza : IsraelR...

Not only are their homes destroyed, but their entire families have been wiped out. What is the future of these children?

Cambridge Rock Festival [Part 2] Sep04

Cambridge Rock Festi...

The veteran acts topping the bill pulled in the punters while the newer acts lower down the bill ended up giving the best performances.

Tsunami Coast : Poetography Sep03

Tsunami Coast : Poetography

Sri Lanka, 2014 – poem and images by Julio Etchart

In Gaza : The Aftermath of Hell Sep02

In Gaza : The Aftermath of Hell

I fail to see the military value of these targets. It feels more like a terror campaign to beat any notion of statehood out of Gaza’s population.

Dr John : Ske-Dat-De-Dat Sep01

Dr John : Ske-Dat-De...

This is not offensively bad, or indeed really bad at all, but it feels like an awful waste of potential.

Loitered Lens : Rival State Aug31

Loitered Lens : Rival State

Up close and personal at The Garage, Rival State get near enough to spritz the punters with a mist of high-octane rawk perspiration.

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