Loitered Lens : JD McPherson Feb01

Loitered Lens : JD McPherson

Rockabilly blues from Oklahoma, photos of JD McPherson at Islington Assembly Halls, January 2015

Privatising Child Protection Jan31

Privatising Child Pr...

Protection of vulnerable children is not possible if those delivering the services are not obliged to follow established rules.

Pretty Vicious Jan30

Pretty Vicious

Pretty Vicious: four disaffected indie teenagers eager to put their hormone-fuelled stain on the music scene

Martin ‘Youth’ Glover [Interview] Jan29

Martin ‘Youth’ Glover [Interview]

‘I say to people, I retired when I was 15, I left school and joined a band’

On Working at Barnes and Noble Jan28

On Working at Barnes and Noble

“You want to be a writer,” Kelly said. “Why don’t you work at Barnes & Noble?”
“I wear clothes, too. Maybe I should get a job in a sweatshop.”

Colin Vaines – Film Producer [Interview] Jan27

Colin Vaines – Film Producer [Interview]

I wanted to work with good people. It’s as simple as that

Napalm Death : Apex Predator – Easy Meat Jan26

Napalm Death : Apex Predator – Easy Meat

The visceral fury of punk with the dexterity and precision of metal

Loitered Lens : Diagrams Jan25

Loitered Lens : Diag...

Diagrams live at the Lexington

Lesotho Breaks, Lesotho Mends. Africa by Bike Jan24

Lesotho Breaks, Leso...

‘The longer that I’m on the bike, the more it becomes an extension of myself’

The Marigold : Kanaval Jan23

The Marigold : Kanaval

An intersection between prog, drone, cinematic noise and the cathartic gospel

Chris Spedding : Joyland Jan22

Chris Spedding : Joyland

Featuring partial reunions of King Mob, with cameos from Johnny Marr and Ian McShane, Joyland is greasy, elemental rock par excellence.

OE: Orpheus and Euridice Jan21

OE: Orpheus and Euridice

Uniting songs, poetry and painting, OE brings the myth of Orpheus and Euridice to a contemporary setting

Solefald : World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud Jan20

Solefald : World Met...

To say that they’re referencing Dadaism or Situationism wouldn’t be a cop out, but it wouldn’t tell you anything either, and that is the danger of this record.

Notes on a Dog Jan19

Notes on a Dog

“Get rid of the dog”, she said. “Or get rid of me.”

Loitered Lens : Kreator Jan18

Loitered Lens : Kreator

No frills full-on hardcore metal. Photos of Kreator at the HMV Forum, London

Arboretum : Royal West of England Academy Jan17

Arboretum : Royal West of England Academy

Fittingly, many of the paintings also included in this show are left raw and unframed, exposed to the elements – and artistic scrutiny.

Suicide Girls : Blackheart Burlesque [Live] Jan16

Suicide Girls : Blackheart Burlesque [Live]

While the majority of the men in the audience quietly beamed, the girls in the audience hooted and hollered.

Don’t Slap Her, She’s Pretty! Jan15

Don’t Slap Her, She’s Pretty!

Girls who want to avoid being clobbered should aim to be tall, blonde and pretty. Does the ‘Slap Her!’ video send out the wrong message?

Nuanced Chuckles with Charlie Hebdo : Free Speech and the Freedom to Complain Jan14

Nuanced Chuckles wit...

You can make your case and express your view, but riling up the worst elements and trolling isn’t free speech; it’s just being an antisocial jerk.

Dexter Dalwood : ‘London Paintings’ Jan13

Dexter Dalwood : ‘London Paintings’

Whereas his previous work featured imagined interiors and locations acting as memorials to real people, here it is the narratives which are imagined

Ari Up on The Slits and Chris Spedding [Interview] Jan12

Ari Up on The Slits and Chris Spedding [Interview]

The Clash and the Pistols all became extended family to me. They were all like my brothers.

Loitered Lens : Arch Enemy Jan11

Loitered Lens : Arch Enemy

Photos of Arch Enemy at the HMV Forum, London

Muses, monsters and mannequins : Base Gallery Jan10

Muses, monsters and ...

Muses, monsters and mannequins, an exhibition that explores what it means to be human.

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