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Paying For Fake Reviews? Durr. The Internet is Unpredictable Shocker!

Paying online community members to write product reviews backfires badly ...

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The Secret of Staying Motivated (as Discovered by SCIENCE)

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”G/dropcaposhdarned liberal communists and their lethargy! Motivation is IMPORTANT, people! How are we going to SELL you stuff you...

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Snare Drum Love: Interview (Le Spectre)

Le Spectre's Yann Levasseur talks about simply trying to be creative and dark ...

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Absolut-ly Shocking. Children, and the Impact of Alcohol Advertising

Middle-school kids see several alcohol ads a day ...

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Tuck In! Do Plus-Sized Models Promote Obesity?

Plus-sized models in advertising linked to rising obesity rates: Study ...

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Opting out of the attention economy.

Firms will realize substantially greater success if they use moderately energetic commercials rather than highly energetic ones...

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