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Created by Naila Scargill

Elephant West, 62 Wood Lane, London W12 7RH

[13.3.2020] Inspired by the notorious quote from Andy Warhol — “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” — multimedia artist Zoobs Ansari turns a dark mirror on this obsession with celebrity and asks if the reality of fame is a price worth paying in Insanity Fair, his first London show since relocating to LA in 2014.

Insanity Fair will range across many of Ansari’s most striking portraits of celebrities and figures from the worlds of fashion and music, including John Lennon, Amy Winehouse and David Bowie. The works show the glamour, beauty and perfect styling which are part of the celebrity lifestyle, but with the skin partly peeled back to reveal the scars and dissonance underneath the surface glossA different kind of intimacy is displayed in the series of two-dimensional graphic works, including the Social Anxiety and Forever Young series, where digital collages explore the artist’s fascination with artifice and representation. 

Ansari comments: “Originally my work was about preservation and perfection but now it’s the opposite; I’m peeling off the layers, trying to scratch through the surface.”

Naila Scargill
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Naila Scargill is the publisher and editor of horror journal Exquisite Terror. Holding a broad editorial background, she has worked with an eclectic variety of content, ranging from film and the counterculture, to political news and finance.

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