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Total Recall

Total Recall, Cheese and Tofu: An elementary and culinary guide to not fretting about the remake

Like many, when the pre-trailer trailer of the new Total Recall was released I was incensed.

The very idea that something as purely gold as Total Recall could be re-made felt like a travesty. It felt like trying to recreate Tutankhamun’s tomb out of turmeric. Why bother? We, the people, will see it for the fake it is. And, simply, it will suck.

I had no reason to suspect such a sophisticated rebuttal would tumble. At the time the very idea of a remake was like a full-scale Hollywood

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2 Comments on Total Recall

  1. I agree Total Recall is timeless in terms of themes, but I think it is attributed more to the genre of dystopia itself, not the film. You are very funny, had a great laugh reading this )))

  2. Glad you had a laugh Sveta. I’ve still got to get to the new one …

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