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Loitered Lens : Clutch

A picture of Clutch by Carl Batson

Seeding the ground before the release of their 3-disc DVD/Live CD/New Tracks re-edition doohicky with knobs-on version of Earth Rocker, Clutch grace the boards at The Forum.

Chungering brute-heavy guitar chops, full-throttle riffage, support from labelmates Lionize and, it has to be said….

<Blessed>GORDON’S ALIVE?!?!</Blessed>

A picture of Clutch by Carl Batson

A picture of Clutch by Carl Batson

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Carl Byron Batson
About Carl Byron Batson (214 Articles)
Photographer, published poet, former party animal, body builder, grave robber to the stars and renowned chainsaw juggler, Carl can often be spotted on his Harley Davidson pretending to be in Terminator 2. He is also frequently seen in the press pits of old London town, camera in hand, avoiding being hit by bottles of wee and crippling his opposition with secret Kung Fu moves.
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